Loki Writer Cryptically Hints at Connection Between Sylvie & Tom Hiddleston's Loki

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Loki Sylvie Romance

Loki's sexuality was finally confirmed in the latest episode of Loki"Lamentis," and hopefully soon, Loki's gender fluidity will be addressed too. It is encouraging that Tom Hiddleston and series writer Michael Waldron have implied that this will be explored in the series.

Something else that will be explored is love, with Waldron having said that there would even be "'some love stories'" told throughout this season. Waldron went so far as to tease that "one of the love stories you might see in Loki" would be between the two leads, but not in a romantic sense, comparing it to Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio's characters in Catch Me If You Can.

A new social media post from the writer could point to another potential love story, but is this one platonic too or romantic?


Michael Waldron uploaded a particular post to his Instagram stories, suggesting that a romantic relationship between Loki and Sylvie could be happening.

Waldron Loki Sylvie Song

Waldron's post is simply an image of Loki and Sylvie standing side-by-side, tagging director Kate Herron, Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston. Playing over it is a cover of Brooks & Dunn's "Neon Moon" by Cigarettes After Sex, a song about a brokenhearted man who longs for his former lover.

The lyrics that play over the image are:

"I spend most every night
Beneath the light of a neon moon"

This is an obvious reference to both Lokis trying to escape a moon covered in neon.


"Neon Moon" is about a heartbroken man at a bar, who spends "most every night beneath the light of a neon moon," after his lover left him. It is certainly a romantic song, but it might not be literal the way Waldron uses it. Notably, vocalist, Greg Gonzalez, sings it with androgyne vocals, which itself could link to Loki's own gender identity in the show.

As for the song itself, it does have multiple parallels with what happened in the latest episode, such as the mention of a bar and train tracks:

"There's a rundown bar, 'cross the railroad tracks
I've got a table for two, way in the back
Where I sit alone and think of you"

Not to mention Loki getting very drunk on the train shortly after talking about his mother with Sylvie. One set of lyrics could even reflect Loki's nature of lying to himself, as he revealed to Mobius in the first episode about masking his own weakness.

"No telling how many tears
I've sat here and cried or how many lies that I've lied
Telling my poor heart
You will come back one day"

The implication from Waldron might not be that both Lokis romantically fall in love with one another but that they will learn to love themselves, considering the amount of resentment both Lokis have for themselves and each other. 

Hiddleston's Loki puts on a front to mask his own weakness and Di Martino despises even being called Loki, potentially due to her own identity issues. Fans saw the two of them barely tolerating one another throughout the episode, so maybe over time, they'll learn to love themselves and, in essence, each other.

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