Loki: Translation Revealed For Tom Hiddleston-Sung Tune From Episode 3

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Episode 3 of Loki might end up being a bit divisive among the MCU fanbase. While it didn't serve to move the story forward by any huge bounds, it did get down to brass tacks and explain a bit more about the female Loki variant known as Sylvie, as well as the main Loki Variant on which the series focuses.

The crux of the episode dealt with Sylvie and Loki being stranded on a planet called Lamentis-1 and trying to make their way off-world before a moon crashes into it. In order to do this, they must wield their magic and use subterfuge to board a train going to a space vessel that could help them escape.

It's on this train ride that a few interesting things come to light, one of them being the fact that Tom Hiddleston's Loki can sing! After imbibing a tad too much complimentary champagne, Loki begins leading the crowd on the train in a rousing musical number, before segueing into a slower song, sung in Asgardian (Norwegian).


 Loki song

TikTok user who.are.groot cracked the code and roughly translated Loki's song in Loki Episode 3 from Norwegian to English. The translated lyrics read as follows:

"In stormy black mountains,

I wander alone,

Across glaciers,

I make my way,

In the apple garden,

Stems in the end, waiting, 

and singing, "When are you coming home?""


Of course, Tom Hiddleston is no stranger to singing and has done so in past roles. Hiddleston played famed country singer Hank Williams in the biographical film I Saw the Light, in which he did all his own singing. So clearly, the man can carry a tune.

It's a bit of an emotional moment in the episode itself. Loki seems to be addressing Sylvie during this part of the song, perhaps fueling fan theories of a romantic spark between the two Variants.

In any case, it's quite a lovely melody and Hiddleston helps to give it an ethereal quality with his vocals. Perhaps this could be a lullaby that Frigga used to sing to Loki when he was a baby? After all, in one of the preceding scenes to this sequence, Loki reminisces about his mother, so she was clearly on his mind at the time.

Will the Asgardian trickster belt out any more tunes during the course of the series? It's difficult to say, but time will tell.

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