Tom Hiddleston's Loki Song Is So Popular It's Cracking Top Song Charts

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Tom Hiddleston's Loki is coming to a close after beginning on Wednesday (the new Friday) June 9. It came off the heels of Anthony Mackie's The Falcon and The Winter Solider and Elizabeth Olsen's WandaVision.

Marvel Studios' third Disney+ series has had a lot of speculation and theories surrounding it, similar to WandaVision. During the 8-week journey in Westview, many fans speculated that the villain Mephisto was the main antagonist, pulling the strings in the shadows. Similarly, many believe that an unconfirmed villain, Kang the Conqueror, is the one behind the corrupt Time Variance Authority.

When the finale drops on June 14, fans will either cheer that they were correct or once again be let down. 

However, this possible deja vu moment between Loki and WandaVision isn't the only striking similarity between these two series. 


Loki Billboard

The Norwegian song "Very Full" that Tom Hiddleston's Loki sang during Episode 3 has debuted at No. 10 on the World Digital Song Sales, according to Billboard. This is the second hit song from a Disney+ MCU series, joining Kathryn Hahn's "Agatha All Along" from WandaVision. The villainous jingle was the #1 ranked soundtrack song on iTunes the day it debuted.

Hiddleston has previous musical experience in the industry, playing Hank Williams in 2016's I Saw the Light and voicing James in Disney's The Pirate Fairy.  


"When she sings, she sings 'come home'"

Hiddleston showed off his vocal talent during Episode 3 of Loki and fans clearly loved it. 

"Very Full" is sung as an Asgardian drinking song while on Lamentis-1 with Sylvie. While the chorus is cheerful, the translated words are somber. 

Loki sings:

"In storm-blackened mountains I wander alone

Across glaciers I travel forth

In the apple orchard the fair maiden stands

And sings, 'When will you come home?'"

In many ways, this song represents Loki's loneliness and his never-ending journey through the harsh cold. In the previous two episodes, Loki had learned off Ragnorak and the destruction of Asgard, putting him in a unique mindset while onboard a doomed train on Lamentis-1.

Hahn's "Agatha All Along" was an instant classic in the MCU and fit perfectly in WandaVision sit-com adventure. "Very Full" was less pivotal to the plot, but showed that Loki would rather drink and sing an old folk song than take a nap.

Keep an eye out for Jeremy Renner to bust out in song during Hawkeye after the actor's 2020 debut album "Live for Now."

Loki season one comes to a close on Wednesday, June 14 on Disney+.

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