DC's Super-Pets Movie Trailer Leak Reveals New Justice League

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Justice League Super-Pets

It was revealed in 2019 that Warner Bros. was developing an animated film based on the Legion of Super-Pets from the comics called DC League of Super-Pets. It was only a year later that fans got a glimpse of what the design of Krypto the Superdog would look like at DC FanDome.

As is typical with most animated films, big stars were expected to fill the roles, but not many were expecting Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson to lead the project. The WWE Legend will provide the voice of Superman's loyal pet, Krypto in the project, and he will be joined by a stellar ensemble such as Kevin Hart, John Krasinksi, and Keanu Reeves. 

A short teaser trailer was released at this year's DC FanDome, revealing the full voice cast for the animated film. However, it seems like the full trailer has begun showing up in select theaters.

Superdog Getting Help From Strays

Super Pets Superman Batman

The first trailer for DC League of Super-Pets is currently showing in theaters, and it was leaked online by one audience member from Reddit. 

The footage opens with Dwayne Johnson's Krypto waking up Superman to go for a walk, and it's quickly shown that Krypto is actually the only Super-Pet in this universe. Clark Kent even makes a Marvel reference when getting ready in the morning.

"Let me just iron that out. They should call me Iron Man, haha. No."

Krypto is shown to spend all his time with Superman, which has unfortunately caused him to be unable to interact with normal pets to the notice of Superman himself, "My dog's the best, but he's not the greatest with other animals."

Like his master, Krypto wears comically large glasses to disguise himself as a normal dog but is quickly shown to be terribly awkward with other animals as he tries speaking to a corgi waiting for his master.

Audiences will also be able to see the Justice League in action as they face off against Marc Maron's Lex Luthor before they're all put out of commission. The members consist of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Jessica Cruz's Green Lantern.

The trailer shows Luthor defeating the League and incapacitating Superman with Kryptonite and, in the chaos, an animal shelter is exposed to a gemstone of some kind that grants them various powers. Krypto wrangles them up and takes it upon himself to train them to be heroes like him so that they can save Superman and the rest of the Justice League.

Ace is shown to be indestructible, the pig is shown to be able to change her size at will, the turtle, of course, gains super speed not dissimilar to the Flash, and the squirrel shoots lightning out of his hands.

"When one has an abundance of power, they have a certain duty to use that power to-"

The trailer ends with Krypto attempting to rally them all to the superhero cause with a motivational speech but is interrupted by Ace taking care of his own business.

An Obvious Happy Ending for the Superpets

It's certainly not the first time an animated DC film has referenced Iron Man, such as director Jared Stern's work as a writer on The Lego Batman Movie, which made an even more obvious jab to the Marvel hero.

This is humorous now that Marvel Studios is freely making references to DC superheroes like Superman and Batman in films like Eternals. So, it will no doubt be the last time that an animated Warner Bros. film will reference Marvel's most famous hero.

As for the plot of the film itself, since Kevin Hart was cast as Ace the Bat-Hound, Bruce Wayne's equally loyal pet in various media, many would agree that the film's conclusion seems rather obvious. It's safe to assume that Ace and the rest of the shelter pets will be adopted by the rest of the Justice League by the end of the film.

The designs and choices for the Justice League are interesting too, such as Cyborg emulating his design from the 80s, including an afro. Another notable take is choosing Jessica Cruz as the Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Although, it's pretty unnerving to see an animated Batman with actual pupils wearing his mask instead of pure white eyes.

Audiences will know for sure what will happen to these shelter pets when they see DC League of Super-Pets in theaters on May 20, 2022.

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