New Book Spoils the Plot of Dwayne Johnson’s DC Super-Pets Movie

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The DC universe is expanding in many ways as of late. The big-screen DCEU is continuing to grow, director Matt Reeves just debuted a new Gotham with The Batman, The CW is still expanding its slate of controversial series, and the company maintains a strong presence in animation. Typically, Warner Bros. has focused its DC animation on direct-to-home releases, but it's now stepping up a level with League of Super-Pets on its way to theaters in July.

DC's League of Super-Pets will star Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Superdog, marking the actor's DC debut ahead of his live-action role in Black Adam. The Kryptonian canine will be joined by Ace the Bathound (Kevin Hart) and a league of other animal companions.

The animated blockbuster will also feature appearances from an all-new Justice League, with voices from the likes of John Krasinski, Keanu Reeves, and more legendary acting talent.

With the previously planned May release now approaching, merchandise has begun to surface, revealing spoilery plot details from the movie.

Warning - The rest of this article potentially contains spoilers for DC's League of Super-Pets.

DC Book Reveals Super-Pets Spoilers

DC released a child-friendly book adaptation of its upcoming League of Super-Pets animated movie which reveals spoiler-heavy plot details for the Dwayne Johnson flick. 

DC League of Super-Pets Book

Instagram user silenzioalvaro shared images from across the book - which is available now on Amazon - revealing how the animated blockbuster ought to play out.

The 24-page book opens with Superman teaming up with his super-powered canine companion Krypto, his best friend who he thinks may need another animal friend.

DC League of Super-Pets Book

On a trip to an animal shelter, Krypto is introduced to Chip, PB, Merton, Ace, and Lulu, most of whom will go on to form the Super-Pets. 

DC League of Super-Pets Book

After coming into contact with Orange Kryptonite, the animalistic group begins to develop powers, with Lulu's offering mind powers, sending her down a path toward world domination.

PB gains the power to shrink and grow, Ace becomes super-strong, Merton develops super-speed, and Chip receives lightning powers.

DC League of Super-Pets Book

Having escaped from captivity, Lulu will somehow obtain Green Kryptonite and use it to de-power Superman and Krypto, seemingly taking the Man of Steel captive.

As the Superdog turns to his new super-powered animal friends for help to rescue the DC legend, Lulu forms his own army of powered guinea pigs with the Orange Kryptonite.

With the entire Justice League held captive by Lulu and her group, the Super-Pets will attempt to rescue the team, only to find themselves imprisoned too.

The climax of the movie will come as the villainous guinea pig uses more Orange Kryptonite to enhance her powers, just as the effects of the Green rock wear off on Krypto. Finally, back at full power, the Superdog will free his friends to take on Lulu's army and come out victorious.

PB will then free Wonder Woman, Krypto will reunite with Superman, and Ace will release Batman, setting up the pairings between Super-Pets and Justice League members that are clear from costume similarities on the poster.

Will Super-Pets Land with Audiences?

Before drawing any conclusions or opinions on DC's League of Super-Pets based on this book, it's important to note this adaptation is for readers aged four to seven. So, even though the animated flick does still look to be orientated towards younger audiences, there may be more intricacies to the story than this implies. 

This explanation still leaves many questions unanswered regarding what is already known about the movie, including how Lex Luthor fits into the puzzle, given he will reportedly be the one to capture the Justice League in the film.

Overall, while this spoiler-heavy book may not be a frame-for-frame adaptation of what League of Super-Pets will offer, it does reveal more than what some may wish to know going into the movie.

What exactly the future holds for the Super-Pets will depend greatly on the box office and fan reception to their debut. If it proves to be a hit, particularly with the younger target audience, a sequel will almost certainly get the greenlight, potentially along with an HBO Max spin-off given DC's newfound commitment to streaming series.

DC's League of Super-Pets hits theaters on July 29.

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