DC Casts Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson In Another Superhero Movie, League of Super-Pets

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Dwayne Johnson, Krypto Dog

The DC Universe is filled with strong animated feature films and series as evidenced by the recent success of the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) in the past years. The franchise is known for producing compelling stories in the animated realm while also preserving continuity consistently. 

While the current iteration of the DCAU has finished its run, a new wave of animated films is set to take over for the comic-book franchise. Films like The Batman: Long Halloween and an upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us project will lead the charge while the newly-announced Batman: Caped Crusader from the creative powerhouse team-up of J.J. Abrams, Bruce Timm, and Matt Reeves will look to reinvent The Dark Knight like never before. 

Now, it seems that another important animated feature will arrive, and it will be led by a well-established lead star. 


Krypto Super dog

Variety shared in a report that Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson has been tapped to voice the role of Krypto the Super-Dog in DC League of Super-Pets. 

According to Variety, the animated DC film will revolve around “Superman's dog who teams up with a flying cat to stop crime while the Man of Steel is on vacation.”

Variety also revealed that Sam Levine will direct the film. This animated feature is set to be the first starring role of Superman's best friend. The co-stars of the WWE legend have not been cast yet, but it was noted that the studio “hopes to enlist an A-list cast of two- and four-legged heroes and villains.”

Johnson is producing the movie through his company Seven Bucks Productions, along with Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia. The producers of DC League of Super-Pets include Patricia Hicks, Jared Stern. John Requa, and Glenn Ficarra. 

Nicholas Stoller will serve as executive producer of the animated film.

Meanwhile, Deadline noted in its report that "Warner Bros. brass are really impressed" with the upcoming animated feature. 

DC League of Super-Pets is set to release in theaters on May 20, 2022. 


This latest development is a win-win situation for Warner Bros. and DC considering that Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now. It's also fitting that Johnson will step in for the role of one of DC's most popular and beloved characters like Krypto the Super-Dog. 

For those unaware, Krypto the Super-Dog debuted in the pages of DC Comics in Adventure Comics #210 in March 1955. The Mutt of Steel is one of Superman's closest allies, with him even helping the hero save the day numerous times. 

The popularity of the character made him a mainstay of DC Comics, starring in different titles along the way. Not only that, but Krypto also led an animated TV show on Cartoon Network. Krypto is also featured in the current live-action run of Titans

It seems that Krypto's popularity will be elevated even more due to Johnson's upcoming portrayal, and this should bode well for DC League of Super-Pets. It is currently unknown who will join Johnson in the animated feature, but his star power alone is enough to boost hype for the project. 

It's possible that other members of Team Superman like Supergirl and Superboy will appear in DC League of Super-Pets as cameos, but the story will work better if the film focuses on Krypto and his team of supers. 

The report that Warner Bros. is "really impressed" with the film is a good sign, and it will be interesting to find out if Johnson and the rest of the crew can keep the momentum going heading to its premiere in May 2022. 

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