Warner Bros. Reveals DC FanDome's 22 Million Viewer Total

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
DC FanDome logo with 22 million views under it

In June, DC FanDome was annnounced to be a convention set to air online in August. In lieu of Comic-Con, which had been canceled due to the continuing presence of COVID-19. So, over the weeks, more and more actors and directors, like James Gunn, were confirmed to attend until the whole schedule was eventually released.

The Direct speculated that DC FanDome could change the way that fan conventions would be held, for better or worse. Even after the coronavirus subsides, companies could hold their own conventions for their own properties, and with the latest number in viewership for DC FanDome, it points to that notion being correct.


Variety is reporting that, according to Warner Bros., DC FanDome generated 22 million views across 220 countries an and territories over its 24-hour run. This is including through their own in-house player, live streams from fans and influencers and fans, and other various means. DC FanDome also trended on Twitter in 53 markets, and on YouTube in 82 markets.

This can be largely attributed to the debut of new trailers for Wonder Woman 1984The Batman, and Zack Snyder's Justice League. All of which collectively had 150 million views online since last Saturday.

In an interview with Variety, Warner Bros. TV group CMO Lisa Gregorian said that “We really wanted to put together an event that would super-serve the fans." In fact, the idea for DC FanDome was conceived in April at the height of the pandemic, according to Blair Rich, president of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros. Pictures Group.

In order to execute this plan, Rich says that they had to engage with every possible department at DC. This is including their comics, video games, film, and consumer marketing departments:

“What could we invent to really put the fans at the center of an experience that could be dynamic and meaningful to them?” 

In fact, many employees ended up meeting one another for the very first time. Together, all of them were able to collaborate and recreate an online fan convention that would appeal to old and new fans.


Obviously, this just confirms what everyone else has been saying for the past week: DC FanDome was a huge success. In fact, it was such a success that fans of other studios like Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios want them to have a fan convention in a similar fashion. The Direct has even offered four suggestions to Marvel Studios about what they should learn from DC FanDome.

Additionally, because of this encouraging turnout from fans, it wouldn't be a surprise if this becomes the new normal for DC and Warner Bros. for the foreseeable future and maybe even when the pandemic has truly subsided. It's likely cheaper to produce, inexpensive for fans, and due to be prerecorded appearances from stars and crew, scheduling wouldn't be an issue either. In fact, it'd be downright surprising if DC doesn't make DC FanDome their news and reveal destination moving forward.

Although, it should be kept in mind that DC FanDome isn't over yet, since the second-half will continue on September 12th. It'll be interesting to compare how many views that will garner, but considering it's lacing any huge properties or anticipated reveals, it likely won't be anywhere close to 22 million.

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