DC FanDome Official Schedule Features Snyder Cut, The Batman & More Panels

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Due to the ongoing health crisis, large pop culture conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration were ultimately canceled to prevent the spread of the virus. Instead of waiting for another window of opportunity to stage mass gatherings, some opted to adapt to the new normal by organizing virtual conventions.

San Diego Comic-Con managed to put together an at-home version of their convention, with other popular conventions doing the same thing like Wizard World Virtual and New York Comic-Con. Meanwhile, DC decided to take advantage of the situation by creating their very own virtual gathering in the form of DC FanDome

DC FanDome will look to provide concrete updates about the future of the DCEU while also promising a lot of surprises for fans. Marketing for the online event has ramped up in the past few days since it will officially launch on August 22.

The special 24-hour event will feature over 300 guest stars including major figures from the DCEU, Arrowverse, and DCAU. Not only that, a freshly released walkthrough highlighted the virtual map of the event while a proper sneak peek will air on the CW next week. Now, another important piece of information has emerged in the form of the event's official schedule. 


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DC has officially unveiled the full schedule of the highly anticipated DC FanDome from their website. The schedule includes a variety of panels which feature the likes of Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, Ezra Miller's The Flash, Batwoman, a secret movie panel, and many more: 

1:00pm ET - Wonder Woman 1984 panel with Gadot, Pine, Wiig, Pascal, and Jenkins. Hall of Heroes.

1:00pm ET - The Flash TV series panel. WatchVerse.

1:00pm ET- DC Super Hero Girls Season 2 Sneak Peek. Kidsverse. 

1:00pm ET- Teen Titans Go! Cast Table Read and Panel. Kidsverse. 

1:30pm ET - Warner Bros. Montreal Game Announcement. Hall of Heroes.

1:45pm ET - Black Lightning panel with cast. WatchVerse.

1:45pm ET- Truth, Justice, and the DC Comics Way. Watchverse. 

2:15pm ET - Multiverse 101- Panel. Hall of Heroes. 

2:15pm ET- New Voices of Wonder Woman. Watchverse.

2:30pm ET- Pennyworth. Watchverse.

2:45pm ET - The Flash panel with Miller and Muschietti. Hall of Heroes.

3:00pm ET- Rendez-vous with DC France. Watchverse.

3:00pm ET- Reintroducing Nubia: The Black Amazonian Queen. Watchverse.

3:00pm ET- etalk celebrates DC in Canada. Watchverse.

3:30pm ET- The expansion of DC's Watchmen Universe. Watchverse.

4:00pm ET- Real-Life Superheroes! The Story of Muckle Mannequins - Germany. Watchverse.

4:15pm ET- Static Shock- episode screening. Watchverse. 

4:45pm ET- Injustice 2 Show Match- Latin America/Brazil. Watchverse. 

3:00pm ET - The Suicide Squad panel with cast and director. Hall of Heroes.

3:00pm ET - Legends of Tomorrow panel with cast. WatchVerse.

3:45pm ET- BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe. Hall of Heroes

4:15pm ET - Doom Patrol panel with cast. WatchVerse.

4:45pm ET - I'm Latinx, What's Your Superpower? Watchverse

4:15pm ET- Legacy of the Bat panel. Hall of Heroes. 

4:45pm ET- Jim Lee Portfolio Review- DC Super-Villain Fan Art. Hall of Heroes.

4:45pm ET- The Joker: Put on a Happy Face. Hall of Heroes.

5:00pm ET- Surprise DC Comics Panel. Hall of Heroes.

5:00pm ET - Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons- Screening. Watchverse.

5:30pm ET - Brazil Loves DC: For the Glory of the Fans. Watchverse.

5:35pm ET- Superman & Lois. Watchverse.

5:30pm ET- I'm Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl. Hall of Heroes.

5:45pm ET - The Snyder Cut of Justice League panel with Zack Snyder. Hall of Heroes.

5:45pm ET- Immortal Vigilante: Hooded Justice. Watchverse.

6:00pm ET- The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show- World Premiere. Watchverse.

6:00pm ET- Watchmen Unmasked. Watchverse. 

6:00pm ET - Black Adam panel with Dwayne Johnson + surprises. Hall of Heroes.

6:30pm ET- CNN Heroes: Real-life heroes in the Age of Coronavirus. Hall of Heroes.

6:30pm ET- Latin America Celebrates DC. Watchverse

6:30pm ET- Unity of Hero. Watchverse. 

6:30pm ET - Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons panel. Watchverse.

6:45pm ET - Title to be announced - new movie? Hall of Heroes.

7:00pm ET - Aquaman panel with James Wan, Patrick Wilson. Hall of Heroes.

7:15pm ET - Superman: Man of Tomorrow world premiere. WatchVerse.

7:15pm ET- Ask Harley Quinn panel. Hall of Heroes.

7:15pm ET- Tomorrow's Super Heroes with Jim Lee brought to you by Gold House. Hall of Heroes. 

7:15pm ET- Wonder Woman 80th celebration. Hall of Heroes. 

7:30pm ET - Shazam! panel with Zachary Levi and more. Hall of Heroes.

8:00pm ET - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game panel. Hall of Heroes.

8:00pm ET - Lucifer panel with directors and producers. WatchVerse.

8:30pm ET- Titans panel. Watchverse. 

9:30pm ET - The Batman panel with Matt Reeves + surprises. Hall of Heroes.

9:45pm ET - Stargirl panel with cast + Geoff Johns. WatchVerse.

10:30pm ET- Batwoman panel with cast and EPs. WatchVerse.

11:15pm ET- Harley Quinn panel with Cuoco, Bell, Funches, Oberrg, Tudyk, and more. WatchVerse.

12:30am ET - Batman: Three Jokers panel with Johns and Fabok. WatchVerse.

Interestingly, after The Batman's 9:30 PM EST panel from the Hall of Heroes, the rest of the slots will be encores of the same panels. 


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Not much is known about the strategy of DC when it comes to incorporating a 24-hour event, but this freshly released schedule should give fans an idea of how it will all come into play. On the surface, it seems that the panels will be evenly distributed into different sections such as the Hall of Heroes, Watchverse, Kidsverse, Youverse, Funverse, and Insideverse. Given that's the case, the earlier promise of many hours of programming will be realized since there will be simultaneous panels that will be happening from the get go. 

The presence of a secret movie panel should provide fans a tease of what lies ahead. It seems that DC is going all-in during the event, and they can cap off DC FanDome by announcing more films for the DCEU slate. Aside from the major panels like the Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman 1984, and Black Adam, there are also unique entries from the schedule that offers a variety of experiences to many fans. These include Ask Harley Quinn, Real-life heroes from CNN, and a portfolio review of renowned DC Comics artist Jim Lee. 

Overall, there is no doubt that DC FanDome is a one of a kind experience, and it won't be long before fans get a clearer picture of what lies ahead for DC's on-screen franchises. 

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