Zack Snyder Releases Video of Him Skateboarding in Man of Steel's House of El Set

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Superman floating on left and Zack Snyder on right

Zack Snyder has been posting more and more of his progress on his cut of Justice League on his Vero account. Whether he's showing off Steppenwolf's new design or preparing the trailer for his movie cut for Fandome , Snyder more often than not posts about his past work like storyboards, set photos, and even video, the latter of which he has now shared on his Vero.


Zack Snyder posted a short video on Vero of himself skateboarding on the set of the House of El from Man of Steel , released in 2013.

Snyder is seen riding down a ramp and turning down a darkened hallway as the crew around him cheers. Many fans have been happily commenting on the director's impressive ability to shred on a skateboard like Benjamin Hunt, saying it "Reminds me of the good ol days."


For the last few months, Zack Snyder has been hard at work on his cut of Justice League , posting periodic updates and teases on his Vero account. So, it's nice to see Snyder reminisce on his time filming Man of Steel and the clear amount of fun he had doing it.

It's also impressive to see how large the sets were for Man of Steel with Snyder so easily and seamlessly able to skate through them. Perhaps he might post more videos like this from his other projects like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Steel or even movies outside his work on the DCEU.

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