Zack Snyder Reveals Batman V Superman Remaster Coming With 'A Bit More'

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The DC Extended Universe is gearing up for a major revival in the coming months, both with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 at Christmas and the debut for the Snyder Cut of Justice League in early 2021. This will come after almost a year with no new material from the controversial franchise, which has released eight full movies since 2013.

Criticism from fans toward some of the series’ biggest films has led to director’s cuts and alternate versions being released after the theatrical cuts. Two of them have come from director Zack Snyder, and more news has come that he is working on yet another project like this at the same time as the Snyder Cut.


In a new release on his VERO account , DCEU director Zack Snyder confirmed that he is in the studio working on a remastered version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice . Snyder noted that he’s working on restoring the IMAX ratio for the movie at the Company 3 post-production studio, and potentially bringing new material:

Was at Co3 yesterday with Stefan and we were working on the remastering of BvS restoring the IMAX aspect ratio and I think you’re gonna see a bit more

The post can be seen below:


With so much hype surrounding the Snyder Cut of Justice League releasing next year, this is a surprising announcement for a movie that originally debuted in theaters almost five years ago . As the second film in the DCEU, the movie did have its high points thanks to Ben Affleck’s take on Bruce Wayne, although it mostly left a bad taste in people’s mouths after the anticipation building up to its release.

It’s unclear whether this new take will be a remastering of the theatrical cut or the Ultimate Edition of the movie , though it will likely be the latter after the extended cut garnered more positive reviews from fans . There are also no details pertaining to more material being added to this cut, though Snyder has already set a precedent with adding half an hour of new footage to the movie’s Ultimate Edition.

This will add to Snyder’s biggest year since his departure from Justice League as he prepares both the new cut of Batman V Superman and the Director’s Cut of Justice League , which will release in 2021. There is no reported release date for the remastered Batman V Superman .

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