Wonder Woman 1984 Director Confirms Batman v. Superman Song Will Be In Gal Gadot Sequel

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Wonder Woman 1984 Song

The drought of major franchise films is just about over. Wonder Woman 1984 , which is finally being released after over a year's worth of delays, is debuting in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day.

The decision to release the film in theaters and to streaming on the same day, as well as Warner Bros. plans to follow suit with their entire 2021 slate, has been a source of controversy in recent days. Wonder Woman 1984' s director Patty Jenkins has commented on the Warner Bros. decision , as well as shared some surprising insight behind a number of the decisions she made for the film ahead of its December 25 release.


In an interview with the ReelBlend podcast , Patty Jenkins revealed Wonder Woman 1984 will use the "Beautiful Lie" track from the opening scene of 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice .

When asked about why she used the track, Jenkins shared the following:

"We cut to it when we were editing... Hans was like 'But I wrote that song for this universe so why aren't we using it? That's what you do with themes.' ...It was so perfect and we cut to the rhythm of it exactly. So then it was just great, you know,  it was great. It was true. And it's like, yeah,  we're the DC Universe and we should reuse great scenes."


It's no secret the DC Extended Universe has had a troubled history, particularly when it comes to the controversy surrounding 2017's Justice League leading to the push for the Snyder Cut . In fact, just recently, Patty Jenkins shared she believes the Justice League film actually contradicts her DCEU films .

However, her willingness to use Hans Zimmer's theme in her second installment of the Wonder Woman franchise shows she still sees films as part of the DC Universe, but also seems to communicate something more.

With the announcement of the Snyder Cut and Wonder Woman 1984 finally coming to theaters, the DCEU seems to be finally moving past the theatrical release of Justice League . In addition, including Hans Zimmer's Batman v Superman theme in Wonder Woman 1984 is important as it lends legitimacy to that expanded universe and is an intentional message to fans that this second installment of the Wonder Woman franchise is part of the overall story being told.

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