Zack Snyder Releases First Remastered Scene From Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Batman v Superman

Zack Snyder is in the midst of a busy year with his past work in the DC Extended Universe, with the most prominent piece of work coming in the form of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, set to release on HBO Max in March.

Snyder has also been working on a remastered version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice , which had been kept a secret until a couple of weeks ago.

It's unclear whether any new footage will be added to this cut, but it does appear that Snyder has put in significant work to improve upon the DC Extended Universe's first team-up movie . The movie's Ultimate Edition added about half an hour of new footage upon its release, which helped fill out some plot holes in the theatrical cut, and signs are pointing to the Ultimate Edition being the one that Snyder is currently remastering.

Snyder recently showed the first footage from his remastered movie, teasing a new look for the DCEU's second-highest grossing film.


In a new post on his Vero account , director Zack Snyder released the first footage from his remastered edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice . Snyder shows an early portion of the movie's "Knightmare" scene featuring Ben Affleck as Batman as he looks upon a decimated Metropolis, with flames shooting into the sky on both sides of the city.

The most noticeable change in this scene is the ratio used for the footage, appearing in the longer 1.43:1 frame as opposed to the usual widescreen view (the original film was released in 2.35:1 ratio). The clip also implements a slightly different color grading compared to the older version, using higher contrast and a brighter overall look.

The full clip can be watched below:

A scene-to-scene comparison highlights the ratio and color differences between the two versions:


The quality of the footage looks fantastic, although it doesn't seem to indicate whether the remastered version will utilize the movie's theatrical cut or the Ultimate Edition. There are also no signs as to whether the IMAX screen ratio will be used for the entirety of the new cut or just portions of it, but it certainly shows more of the scenery in this shot than either of the original Knightmare scenes previously released.

While most of media attention has rightfully been focused on the Snyder Cut of Justice League , fans will still be waiting for the new details that will be prominently featured in Snyder's second directorial effort within the DCEU . The movie had widely mixed reactions upon its debut in theaters nearly five years ago , and Snyder has given no definitive explanation as to why he is remastering the movie for re-release. Regardless, he knows exactly how to hype his movies for the fans, and he has already done so with this movie by teasing "a bit more" coming in this new remaster.

There is no reported release date for the remastered edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice .

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