Batman v Superman: Henry Cavill Gets New IMAX Poster For Special Re-Release

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DC Extended Universe fans currently have plenty of material to digest and celebrate thanks to multiple new releases over the past couple of weeks. Zack Snyder's Justice League continues to make waves during its streaming run on HBO Max, and director James Gunn debuted the highly anticipated first trailer for The Suicide Squad to overwhelming success over social media.

Along with the new projects, DC will continue its trend of re-releasing old projects, particularly with the recent return of 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . The DCEU's second movie is still the topic of heated fan discussions, largely due to the somewhat discombobulated plan and the infamous "Martha" debacle.

Some of these mishaps were fixed with the movie's Ultimate Edition, which added half an hour of runtime that filled in a few blanks with some much-needed story details. The Ultimate Edition is now the subject of DC's latest re-release from earlier this month, and it just utilized another round of promotion on social media.


The official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Instagram page posted three new motion posters promoting the remastered IMAX release of the 2016 movie. These post celebrated the five-year anniversary of the original film releasing in theaters after the remastered edition debuted on March 18.

The first is an image of Henry Cavill's Superman, with the image separated into two halves as both Clark Kent and the Man of Steel are featured. The Superman half also features a fiery explosion in the background, many of which are utilized through the movie's runtime.

The second post features a short clip from Superman's fight against Batman on the rooftops of Gotham City. The clip also switches aspect ratios part of the way through, teasing the movie showing much more of the background around the action.

Also included is a post featuring Gal Gadot's, half of the image as Diana Prince with the other half fully suited up as Wonder Woman. Similar to Henry Cavill's poster, there is a fiery explosion ensuing behind Gadot's Wonder Woman half.


Even more than a week after this remastered version of Batman v Superman debuted, these posters certainly do a good job of hyping the return of this blockbuster team-up movie.

With the success of the Ultimate Edition, director Zack Snyder chose that version of the DCEU blockbuster to remaster and bring back in all of its IMAX formatted glory . This doesn't take away from the fact that the movie's original cut from 2016 is still one of the most controversial superhero movies ever, although the remaster does provide the best quality possible in terms of how it looks.

Zack Snyder has continually shared his pride for the work he put forth for this movie, which certainly made waves in the comic book movie genre five years ago by pitting Batman and Superman against each other. The film still has more than its fair share of issues, but this new edition is helping to shine a new light on of Snyder's most ambitious endeavors of his career.

The IMAX remaster of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now available on 4K DVD and on digital media.

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