Batman v Superman: Ben Affleck Gets New Poster For IMAX Re-Release

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Ben Affleck Batman and Bruce Wayne

Zack Snyder has recently shown his love for the IMAX film format by debuting his recent re-cut of Justice League exclusively in the 4:3 aspect ratio on HBO Max , but it doesn't stop there.

March saw the release of a remastered edition of Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition on digital 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with enhanced color and an expanded aspect ratio. Additionally, the re-release of Snyder's 2016 film was accompanied by an introduction and commentary from the director himself.

And this week, Warner Bros. has released several pieces of new marketing material to raise excitement for the remastered film , including a new poster, and an HD look at an iconic fight scene in the IMAX format.


March's long-awaited physical release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Remastered with expanded resolution and enhanced color has led to the reignition of the film's original social media accounts.

On Instagram, Warner Bros. has released a brand-new animated poster showing off Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne in front of his family's manor, alongside his superhero counterpart Batman surrounded by explosions.

Meanwhile, on the Warner Bros. YouTube account, the studio released a ten-minute clip from the remastered film. The clip showcased Batman and Superman's legendary fight scene — including the iconic “Martha” moment — with improved colors and in the 4:3 IMAX picture frame.

The studio went on to promote the release with an animated shot of the two DC legends facing off, describing the remaster's grand showcase of “The ultimate showdown like you’ve never seen it before.”


Much like most of Zack Snyder's DC work, Batman v Superman is an extremely controversial piece of comic book cinema. Some hardcore Snyder fans still praise the film as one of the best films ever made in the genre, while many others regard it as one of the worst of all time.

It's clear to say, Snyder opted to take an extremely dark tact on the Man of Steel and his face-off with the Dark Knight, showcasing the world's fear of the alien hero. The film famously featured Ben Affleck's debut as the caped crusader , taking a unique take on the role as an older and more mature take on the hero.

Nonetheless, it's exciting to see the film released with its best visuals yet, given Snyder is certainly a master of CGI and expertly creating some of the best spectacles in film. However, the studio couldn't have chosen a much more controversial scene to promote the release with, as the two heroes ending their fight with the legendary “Martha” line is divisive among many fans.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Remastered is available now on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and on digital stores.

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