Zack Snyder Shares Old Photo of Henry Cavill's Superman In Support of Fan Trend

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Superman, Henry Cavill

DCEU director Zack Snyder is currently prepping for his promotional tour for the upcoming release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, which will arrive in March 2021. This extended cut of the 2017 theatrical release will serve as a vessel to help Snyder reveal his full vision for the DC team-up movie, and it will hopefully help put him even further in favor with DC fans after the troubled stories of Joss Whedon's tenure on the film's set.

No specific plot details have been revealed for this director's cut of Justice League, but Snyder is adamant that he will do justice to the movie's heroes and tell their story the way it was originally meant to be told. One of the heroes whose revival fans are most looking forward to seeing is Henry Cavill's Superman, who went through numerous issues in the theatrical cut, including much-maligned dialogue and the infamous mustache debacle.

Cavill's Kal-El became a trend on Twitter in recent days, and Snyder jumped onto the trend via social media.


In a new release on Twitter, Justice League director Zack Snyder showed his support for the #HenryCavillSuperman movement that swelled in popularity in recent days. Snyder included an old behind-the-scenes photo of Cavill while simply stating "Henry Cavill is Superman" in the tweet below:

The official Snyder Cut Twitter account soon afterwards retweeted Snyder's post with no additional comment.


It's still a mystery why this particular hashtag trended so quickly and to this extent, but Snyder has every reason to support it considering his history with the DCEU star.

Zack Snyder was the director on 2013's Man of Steel, which was not only Henry Cavill's first DCEU appearance as Superman, but also the DCEU's first film. The success of that first movie helped kickstart the franchise with eight subsequent movies, two of them featuring Cavill as the last son of Krypton among the rest of the team.

Snyder is famously looking forward to helping reinvent Cavill's Superman in the Snyder Cut after his death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, particularly by giving him the all-black suit that has been teased on numerous occasions. It will be fascinating to find out how much the Kryptonian's story changes from the theatrical cut to the Snyder Cut, especially considering there are no set plans for Cavill to return to the DCEU in the near future.

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