Moon Knight Art Reveals Much Scarier Design for Crocodile God Ammit (Photos)

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Now that the last episode of Moon Knight has been released on Disney+, concept art for the show is slowly starting to trickle out. These pieces of concept art have given fans a glimpse of what could have been, such as London being consumed by sand, as directly inspired by Jeff Lemire's "Moon Knight," but now a scary alternate design for the crocodile goddess Ammit has been revealed.

Considering the creativity and work that must have gone into designing the Egyptian gods, Khonshu and Taweret, the same can easily be said for Ammit, who solely appears in the series finale, "Gods & Monsters." The title of the episode could have been far more accurate, as one design for Ammit was proposed to be far more monstrous.

Some Monstrous Concept Art of Ammit

Concept artist Jerad Marantz posted early concept art for Ammit in Moon Knight, which depicts her in a far more demonic form than her final humanoid appearance in the finale. Marantz commented that this was in the "pretty early" stages of development on the series and that he and "a bunch of other artists were just generating options."

Marantz's artwork of Ammit is far more in line with Egyptian mythology, giving the crocodile goddess a lion's mane, which she lacked in the series finale. She was also proposed to appear far more demonic and animalistic, not wearing clothes like her final design.

Ammit Concept Art Moon Knight
Jerad Marantz

Marantz illustrated two design variations, one bipedal and another quadrupedal, causing her to appear even more like a ravenous animal.

Ammit Concept Art Moon Knight
Jerad Marantz

This monstrous version of Ammit is a lot less regal than the one seen in the final show, who wears ornate Egyptian-inspired clothing in the series.

Ammit Comparison Moon Knight

Marantz also included a close-up of Ammit's head, showing her more crocodilian features, revealing even more teeth, and a better look at her mane.

Ammit Head Concept Art Moon Knight
Jerad Marantz

This heavily differs from Ammit's final hairdo in the show, where she instead sports decorated braids. Whereas the Egyptian goddess appeared more sly and devious in the series, this concept depicts Ammit as being a horrific beast.

Ammit Moon Knight Comparison

Finally, Marantz had illustrations of Ammit on fire, both in red and blue flames. It's unknown what purpose this would have served in the series, but it's certainly intimidating.

Ammit Fire Concept Art Moon Knight
Jerad Marantz

Considering this was during the early stages of pre-production, they likely hadn't decided on a more humanoid Ammit at that point. Therefore, this more animalistic iteration of the goddess was quickly discounted as an option.

Ammit Flaming Design
Jerad Marantz

Marantz even produced a version of the reptilian god with bright blue flames, creating quite the gnarly picture indeed.

Ammit Blue Flame Design
Jerad Marantz


A True Kaiju Battle

It's funny that if Ammit had settled on this design, she would have been a full-blown kaiju in the finale that Khonshu would have had to fight instead. But, it's for the best that Ammit ended up with a far more humanoid design, as it would have been a bit jarring to see such a beastly design eloquently converse with both Harrow and Khonshu.

But, it would undoubtedly have made the final battle between Ammit and Khonshu stand out even more, since an Egyptian Godzilla would essentially be attacking Egypt. Despite that potential temptation, it was best to keep cohesion in the design of the Egyptian gods.

However, it's hard to believe that fans have only seen the design for three of the Egyptian gods when there are at least dozens more left unseen by the series' end. Perhaps fans will be treated to seeing more of these designs in Thor: Love and Thunder when Gorr attempts to butcher them.

Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+ now.

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