New Moon Knight Art Reveals Gorgeous Deleted Scenes

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Moon Knight art deleted scenes

Marvel Studios goes through many stages to get its projects from the planning to post-production stages, and plenty of ideas get lost along the way. Sometimes scenes even go as far as being filmed and edited before creatives realize they don't belong in the final production. Just days after wrapping up the series, fans have already learned a lot about scenes that were cut from Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac's Disney+ series has already been revealed to have cut two Marvel crossovers, including a cameo from the Eternals. Marc Spector and Steven Grant almost faced their abusive mother in a white void, Taweret was just 30 minutes from having a bigger role in the finale, and Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow nearly had to deliver a powerful speech to regain the faith of his followers.

Many of these ideas - especially the word "cameos" - may sound particularly thrilling, but fans ultimately have to trust the vision of the creative team. With Moon Knight now concluded, one member of that team has revealed a look at three scenes that never came to be.

Moon Knight Reveals Deleted Scenes

Moon Knight concept artist Jeffrey Read published three designs he created for the Disney+ series on Deviant Art, offering a look at several deleted scenes from the show. 

The first features a pyramid and the sands of Egypt engulfing the streets of London, with lightning and a purple tint visible in the sky. Read captioned the post to call the job "heaps of fun" and praise production designer Stefania Cella for "[nailing] the design:"

"This job was heaps of fun and I genuinely loved the show. [Stefania Cella] nailed the design and really succeeded in giving it a unique feel."

Moon Knight London Deleted Scene Concept Art
Marvel Studios

Another featured Moon Knight standing on a rooftop in Batman-like fashion looking over the London. The artist noted his efforts in this design to "[squeeze] all the landmarks in," while also praising Oscar Isaac's English accent for Steven Grant as an Englishman himself:

Laaaandon! Was tricky to find an angle where squeezing all the landmarks in wouldn't be entirely unrealistic but think we found a good spot! As an Englishman, I can confirm Oscar Isaacs accent was great and in fact very endearing!

Moon Knight London Deleted Scene Concept Art
Marvel Studios

Lastly, Read shared an "unused concept for Taweret's Quarter" that would have been placed on the afterlife ship:

"Unused concept for Taweret's Quarter. I absolutely loved the scenes around the afterlife ship, but sadly this room was never incorporated. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! The room was going to be slightly upscaled to fit Taweret which I think was a neat idea."

Moon Knight Taweret Quarter Deleted Scene Concept Art
Marvel Studios

A Different Take on Moon Knight's Ending

Tawaret's Quarters were clearly planned to feature in the fifth episode which took place aboard the afterlife ship. The grand Egyptian room design probably comes from a time before the asylum came into play in which the ship was planned to have a far more royal aesthetic. The asylum ultimately ended up serving the story well as a fitting metaphor for Marc's mental state, although it's safe to say this concept would have looked gorgeous in live-action.

The London designs may come from a deletes scenes from the early episodes which took place in the English before the story shifted to Egypt in the third installment. But given the chaotic effects impacting the city streets and the Moon Knight's triumphant stand on the rooftop, perhaps these designs represent an alternate finale that would have returned to London.

Above the skies of London, purple coloring and violent lightning can be seen, similar to the effects Arthur Harrow created above Cairo using his staff in the finale. With sand flooding the streets and a pyramid in the city center, Harrow and Ammit would have seemingly brought Egypt to England, perhaps as they traveled the world to judge the souls of the population.

With regard to Moon Knight's scrapped triumphant stand over the streets of London, it may be for the best that particular shot didn't make it into the series. On the run-up to the Disney+ premiere, many were claiming Oscar Isaac's hero to be a copy of DC's Batman despite their significant differences. Including an angle so iconic to the Dark Knight would not have helped squash those claims.

Who knows whether this potential alternate finale would have been better, but the one Moon Knight delivered made for an excellent conclusion nonetheless. All six episodes of Moon Knight are streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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