Marvel Accidentally Reveals Moon Knight Episode 4 Deleted Scene Details

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Moon Knight.

The Marvel Studios Disney+ series Moon Knight just aired its fourth episode, and fans across the world are undoubtedly still processing everything that happened within it.  Layla and Steven got some bonding time, Arthur got to have a good talk with Marc’s wife, and the two heroes of the story barely survived being hunted down by a mysterious creature.

Most of all, however, was that Oscar Isaac’s leading character was shot, and potentially killed. As he sank into the water where his body landed, Marc wakes up in a mental hospital—one where there are just all too many signs that everything in the last four episodes has been a lie.

It looks like, at one point and time, an earlier cut of the installment had even more for audiences to process. Now, thanks to an official recap posted by Marvel themselves, fans can get a glimpse into a deleted scene that simply didn’t make the cut.

Episode 4 Deleted Scene Revealed

In a recap officially released by Marvel Studios for Moon Knight Episode 4, a brand new deleted scene from the installment was inadvertently revealed by the author, Christine Dinh.

Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke

Within the description of the events, Dinh described a moment when Harrow's followers become "hesitant to persist forward" given the threat of a cave-in, to which Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow "speaks to his congregation to reunify and invigorate" them:

"Meanwhile, at the dig site, Harrow and his disciples uncover the entrance of Ammit’s tomb. However, the crew is hesitant to persist forward, worried that the area may cave in and bury them alive if they don’t let the land rest a beat... with victory in sight, Harrow speaks to his congregation to reunify and invigorate the weary acolytes. He presses that every moment they lose, another unworthy being is able to harm another innocent soul. They must break the cycle. He understands their hesitancy, but he himself will push forward. When he reaches Ammit, he will be able to kneel before her and say gave the deity his all, with speed and devotion, and the whole of his heart.Harrow takes up a torch and enters the tomb. Slowly, his disciples follow one by one."

These paragraphs, strangely, can no longer be seen when viewing the website in the US but is still visible to those in other territories like the UK. This all but confirms that its inclusion was an accident. 

An Accidental But Informative Reveal

Given the insanity of the episode, and everything the story contained, it’s understandable that the creatives in control would want to make sure everything was as tightly constructed as possible—in this case leading to the deletion of Harrow’s grand speech.

That said, any further details to flesh out the villain of the piece would have been welcome. The antagonists have generally been some of the weaker elements of these Disney+ shows; even someone as beloved as Agatha Harkness could use far more character work.

At the same time, Arthur Harrow is already leagues above a lot of MCU villains when it comes to the depth associated with the character. Even still, it would have been great to witness his persuasive speech and continue to get a better grasp on how a man like that can amass a cult.

The state of Marc Spector's reality may still be in question, but once the confusion is solved, Hawke’s villain will likely continue to be the troublesome force going against the titular character. In doing so, his time for further character development is far from over, so maybe the absence of the above scene can be made up for.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+. 

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