Moon Knight Director Spoils Ammit Villain Actor Before Premiere

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Moon Knight has done something that not many projects in the MCU's sphere have done: explore Gods and their place in the hierarchy of the universe. Thanks to the recent Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac, it seems that it’s about to start changing. In fact, the hero of the piece himself is possessed by one: Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the moon. From what fans have gathered so far, as powerful as he is, he’s far from the most powerful of his kind.

He’s also not the only God who audiences see in the spotlight. There’s even a council of them in the third installment that nearly banishes him for even trying to get their attention, not to mention Taweret, who showed up to help both Marc Spector and Steven Grant in their hour of need.

Then there is Ammit. The Egyptian Goddess has been portrayed as a living and breathing Project Insight (see Captain America: The Winter Soldier). However, she’s only been talked about—something Ethan Hawke’s villain hopes to change by releasing her from imprisonment.

Ammit Marvel Comics

Now, thanks to a confirmation from one of the show’s directors, it seems that viewers will finally see the big bad in the flesh.

Who Plays Ammit In Moon Knight

In a new tweet, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab confirmed that two actresses will be bringing Ammit to life in the finale. The God in question also happens to be the big bad of the Oscar Isaac-led show.

So who gets the privilege? Well, it's two-fold. Sofia Danu will be playing an unknown version of the character, while Saba Mubarak will be the voice of Ammit at some point.

Moon Knight Ammit
Saba Mubarak

Danu is known for her work in Fay's Palette and Held for Ransom, while Mubarak has played key roles in the TV series SuitsTouba, and Al Malek.

The rough translation (via Google translate) of Diab's original Tweet can be seen below:

"The graphic characters are like Khonshu, consisting of an actor who played the role and kinetic representation (Karim Al-Hakim) and an actor who performed the voice acting (F Murray Abraham), and the two are of no importance to each other. The last episode featured the character of Amit, who excelled in her performance by Sophia Al-Asir / Sofia Danu, and who voiced her star Saba Mubarak."

Ammit's Judgement Reaches Moon Knight


Given the buildup that Ammit’s threat has received, it seems only right that she gets a chance to show herself in the flesh—even if it’s only for the finale. After all, Marc will clearly beat her in the end… or will he?

It is strange that the director spoiled this in the first place. The finale clearly isn’t out yet, so why did he feel like this needed to be revealed? Maybe something messed up on his end, and a pre-planned post got out there earlier than intended.

Either way, after the warm reception that Taweret got in the last two episodes, fans are likely thrilled to know they’ll be seeing another God in their true form. Could we see her face off against Khonshu himself, as Marc takes on Arthur Harrow?

Only time will tell. But the true question is: where will she be when Gorr the God Butcher strikes?

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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