Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 2 Gets Concerning Release Update from Star

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One star from HBO Max's Doom Patrol, Michelle Gomez, has brought a concerning update to fans about the second part of season 4

The last episode of Doom Patrol to stream on HBO Max (now known as simply Max) was just over seven months ago, but there's still been no word from Warner Bros. (WB) when the last six episodes of the series will be released. It might not be one of the more popular superhero shows on the service, but it still has a dedicated fanbase.

One that wants to see the former DCU show have a more conclusive ending, just like Titans was given a chance to. However, due to the lower popularity of the show and WB's new habit of scrapping projects in their entirety for a tax break, fans of the show, and even its stars, are concerned it could meet the same fate.

Will Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 2 Get "Binned"?

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Michelle Gomez, who played Madame Rouge, aka Laura DeMille, in Doom Patrol, posted on Instagram that she had "a sinking feeling" that the rest of Season 4 "was binned:"

"I have a sinking feeling the final installment of 'Doom Patrol' was binned. If this really is the case then get ready for a huge dump of my own. #bummer #we #are #doomed #sadface"

She even brought up the fact that the series stars "Oscar winner Brendan Fraser:"

"I mean seriously how can you bin a show with an Oscar winner Brendan Fraser and talking butts?? #sheesh"

Responding to one user ushering Warner Bros. to "release the work these amazing artists did," Gomez said, "I feel revolt coming on."

In the turmoil of Gomez's concerns, one fan asked co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn about these episodes on Threads, who said he "can't imagine a world where completed episodes are not going to be released."

Is Doom Patrol Doomed?

Considering how Gunn acknowledged the blowback for canceling Titans and Doom Patrol, it would seem unwise for him to enflame that further by not releasing the rest of the last season.

At the very least, Gunn isn't responsible for the delay in their release, as he's "neck deep in Superman & Creature Commandos, not focused on day to day TV scheduling." 

Although, it's still concerning that some of the stars of the show like Gomez aren't even kept in the loop on when the final six episodes will release.

Despite Gunn being in charge of DC Studios alongside producer Peter Safran, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav could overrule them anytime. The delay in any official announcement for the release of Season 4 Part 2 could be Zaslav still deciding whether to blackhole the series for another tax break.

The fact that it's been over half a year with no update on its release is troubling enough, but Gomez's social media post is another example of Warner and its lack of communication with its fans and stars. Thankfully, with Gunn's comment about these episodes not releasing being unimaginable to him, there's still hope of them releasing.

Doom Patrol can be streamed now on Max.

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