New Data Reveals DC’s Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows

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DC Peacemaker Superman Flash

Some new data revealed which DC shows are the most popular with the super-powered brand's audience.

There are a lot of DCU shows out there already, from The Flash to Peacemaker and even Teen Titans Go!. While Marvel Studios may have only just recently entered the television space, DC Comics has been at it for a while.

The company has even more on the horizon though, with a number of new TV projects coming down the line including Collin Ferrell's The Penguin.

However, when it comes to DC Studios' lineup, some are far more popular than others.

The Most In-Demand DC TV Shows

Based on some recently published data via The Wrap, Parrot Analytics has shared which DC Comics TV shows were the most in-demand in the entirety of 2022.

Parrot Analytics defines "in-demand" as the combined desire, engagement, and viewership for each piece of content on social media platforms, in addition to audience activity on sources like Wikipedia and free streaming sites. 

Demand is then calculated and displayed as a multiple of that title's demand vs. the demand of the average show over the same length of time.

1. The Flash - 36.80x

Flash, Grant Gustin
DC Comics

It shouldn't be surprising that Grant Gustin's The Flash is at the very top of this list.

Splitting off from the Arrowverse's flagship show, Arrow, Gustin's Scarlet Speedster went on to make nine seasons of television. This included several crossovers with Oliver Queen's world, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batgirl.

Its current ninth season will mark its final run of episodes. This last run will focus on the evil Speedster, Red Death, along with the return of many old enemies.

Hopefully, for its fans, the series doesn't trip at the finish line.

2. Titans - 28.32x

Titans, Nightwing, Beast Boy
DC Comics

A surprising show to be #2 on the list is Titans. But it seems the live-action take on the famous DC Comics team was clearly in demand.

While the general reception to the HBO Max series has been mixed, one thing the project has nailed was the costumes—all of which were in a different league than most of the other DC shows out there.

Sadly, along with Doom Patrol and many others on this list, Titans was canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery.

3. Teen Titans Go! - 24.27x

Teen Titans Go!
DC Comics

Teen Titans Go! has been consistently airing episodes ever since 2013—making it a decade old and still going strong.

While many don't think as highly of it as its older, original counterpart, clearly, there's an active audience for it.

This take on the team is far more cartoonish than Teen Titans. However, it's also less serious, super silly, and generally over the top to the point of satire or parody. All that to say, despite its differences, it's a unique show worth watching for many.

4. Teen Titans - 20.73x

Teen Titans
DC Comics

The original Teen Titans series is a big fan-favorite. Many fans grew up watching the series, becoming close to its vibrant cast of characters.

Teen Titans has not had a new episode since 2006, which is nearly two decades ago. Clearly, the world has not forgotten about it.

Until then, fans will have to do with the team's crossover into Teen Titans Go!.

5. Young Justice - 18.46x

Young Justice
DC Comics

After its cancelation back in 2013, following two complete seasons, Young Justice was brought back to life. The new episodes focused on an extensive group of heroes, including Miss Martian, Superboy, Zatanna, Tigress/Artemis, Aqualad, Nightwing, and Rocket.

After 52 episodes, HBO Max sadly decided to cancel the series once again.

May the show will get a second revival in the future?

6. Superman & Lois - 17.39x

Superman & Louis
DC Comics

While the two characters were originally introduced as part of CW's Arrowverse, it's since been revealed that Superman & Lois takes place in its own timeline.

Unlike most of the other shows on the CW, the series has yet to be canceled. However, many expect the upcoming third season to be the last.

7. Peacemaker - 16.54x

DC Comics

Peacemaker, starring John Cena, spun directly out of director James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

The show follows the titular character after the events of his big-screen debut, as he's pulled back into yet another job he doesn't want to be doing. Both critics and fans lauded the first season.

A Season 2 has been announced; however, given all of the changes going on at DC Studios, it might be a while before it takes shape. But first, audiences will get to watch Waller, Gunn's next series in the DCU.

8. Harley Quinn - 15.14x

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy
DC Comics

The animated adult comedy, Harley Quinn, is a true high-point for DC when it comes to raunchiness and violence. But that's nowhere close to a bad thing—the series is truly a unique experience for fans of the comics.

The creatives behind the show were even mandated to adjust a particular scene that showed Batman having oral sex with Catwoman

The show just aired a Valentine's Day special, and its next season has been confirmed, but it currently does not have a premiere date.

9. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 14.74x

Legends of Tomorrow
DC Comics

Legends of Tomorrow was both the third Arrowverse show to be born and the third to be cut short by a cancelation.

The most unfortunate part is how the massive cast of characters, many of whom have been around for a number of years, likely won't be getting any satisfying conclusion.

Had they continued, the heroes would have dealt with being incarcerated for crimes throughout the time. Booster Gold, who just got his own DCU series, would have even factored in.

10. Doom Patrol - 12.11x

Doom Patrol
DC Comics

Doom Patrol started out as a backdoor pilot in Titans but then went on to weave together four seasons of story, focusing on one of the craziest and over-the-top superhero groups that exist.

It's hard to explain just how insane the series can be, but fans know all too well.

Sadly, the quirky and heart-filled show was canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery. The series' last six episodes are set to debut on HBO Max at some point in the coming months.

The Many DC Shows Coming to an End

One of the common threads between these popular shows is that most are either dead or approaching their expiration date. But why?

Well, from the sound of it, James Gunn intends to take charge of all DC Studios projects going forward, including the shows. Unfortunately, this means that most of what the old regime had in place has to go eventually.

It may sound like bad news to some, but overall it's good for the IP and sets the stage for an impactful DCU soft reboot.

Gunn's plans for series include one focused on The Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller, Peacemaker Season 2, a Green Lantern show focusing on Hal Jordan and John Stewart, a Wonder Woman Game of Thrones-esque prequel, and more.

The next DCU film to release is Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which lands on March 17.

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