Doom Patrol Season 3 Adds Main Villain In Madame Rouge Played By Michelle Gomez

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Michelle Gomez Doom Patrol Poster

The development of Doom Patrol Season 3 might've been eerily quiet right now, but it seems that plans for the upcoming installment are slowly being unveiled. After a cliffhanger ending to its much-talked-about second season, Doom Patrol is expected to make a triumphant return by not only resolving lingering plot threads, but also welcoming new characters in the mix.

Initially, the hit DC TV series followed the story of an unusual superhero team that consists of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, Negative Man, and Cyborg. The group introduced a new member after the successful first season in the form of Abigail Shapiro's Dorothy .

A good chunk of the core narrative of the show is mainly focused on each character's unique journey to becoming a hero, which was further reinforced by emotionally driven subplots.

As a result, this fresh approach earned positive reception from fans and critics, and it seems that the trend will continue in the upcoming third season of the series due to the arrival of another complex villain.


Deadline shared in a report that Doctor Who alum Michelle Gomez has joined the cast of Doom Patrol Season 3 to play Madame Rouge.

The outlet also revealed that Gomez will be a series regular for the upcoming season, with the role being described as someone who arrives at Doom Manor with a very specific mission (if only she could remember it.)

The inclusion of Madame Rouge in the DC series was first reported by The Direct back in December 2020.

In a tweet, Warner Bros. TV officially welcomed Gomez into the growing cast of Doom Patrol .


As it is, Michelle Gomez is a welcome addition to the core cast of Doom Patrol , and her portrayal of Madame Rouge will no doubt present another unique challenge to the team. Given that the show has already developed a reputation for introducing weird and wacky characters, it looks like Madame Rouge will likely serve that purpose as well, but in a more villainous way.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Gomez will be included in a DC project since she was last seen as a villain known as The Lady in Fox's Gotham series. On top of that, the impressive resume of the actress, which includes roles from The Flight Attendant and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , clearly shows that Doom Patrol has found an impressive addition to its roster of characters.

Based on the initial character description, Madame Rouge's “specific mission” in Doom Manor could likely tie (once again) to Timothy Dalton's The Chief. This has been the ongoing plot point for the first two seasons, and it seems that it will continue in the latest chapter.

However, there's always a chance that the writer's room of Doom Patrol could have a trick up their sleeve, and shift the focus to another member of the team. It's possible that Madame Rouge's arrival could be tied to Diane Guerrero's Jane, especially after the character served as a huge focus for Season 2. In a way, this would make narrative sense, considering that the power set of Madame Rouge is similar to Crazy Jane since she also developed a dual personality.

Whatever the case, Madame Rouge's arrival in Doom Patrol Season 3 will likely shake the dynamic of the group once more, and it will be interesting to find out how it will unfold when the show premieres on HBO Max.

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