Doom Patrol Season 3 To Feature Villain Madame Rouge (Exclusive)

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Doom Patrol already lived up to fan expectations by providing a compelling narrative combined with the presence of captivating characters. Upon its debut, not much is known if Doom Patrol will be able to replicate the success of Titans, especially after it was initially revealed that the former will serve as a spinoff to the latter.

However, the show surprised everyone during its debut season on DC Universe, earning the admiration of fans and critics due to its comic-accurate take on the characters. This development led to the show being touted as one of the most-watched shows on DC Universe, ultimately getting renewed for a second season

After the massive success of its initial two-season run and the behind-the-scenes transition of DC Universe, Doom Patrol was officially renewed by HBO Max for a third season. The renewal was a piece of good news for passionate fans of the show, especially after Season 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger. And now, a new rumor may shed some light on how the show's third season will look like after the team recovers from Candlemaker's personal attack during last season's finale. 


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Madame Rouge

The Direct has exclusively learned that DC Entertainment & Warner Bros. Television are casting an actress to play Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol Season 3.

The HBO Max show is searching for an actress of open ethnicity within the age range of 30s-50s. The character will have a major villain role in Season 3. 


Doom Patrol has developed a reputation for introducing weird and wacky villains into the mix. The show's first season introduced fans to the outlandish Mr. Nobody while the combined might of Mr. Tyme and Candlemaker during Season 2 changed the team's dynamic in surprising ways. And now, Madame Rougue's impending debut will no doubt set the stage for another intense yet creative encounter with the show's core protagonists.

Created by Arnold Drake, Madame Rouge a.k.a. Laura De Mille first appeared in Doom Patrol # 86, and the character served as one of the leading members of the Brotherhood of Evil. De Mille was originally a French stage actress, but a tragic automobile accident changed the character forever. As a result, De Mille developed a dual personality and super-stretching abilities. 

Madame Rouge's powers will be an interesting plot point for Doom Patrol to expand upon since it is similar to the abilities of both Crazy Jane and Rita Farr. As it is, it seems that the villain's debut will no doubt challenge the team in exciting ways, and it will be interesting to find out how Jane and Rita will react to De Mille's presence. 

Interestingly, Madame Rouge also has an intriguing dynamic with The Chief a.k.a. Niles Caulder. At one point in the comics, Rouge was romantically involved with Caulder due to the villain's good side manifesting from her dual personality. If Doom Patrol decides to explore this relationship, it will provide another opportunity for the show to explore another layer of The Chief's backstory. 

All in all, it's safe to say that the World's Strangest Heroes will be in for another wild and exciting adventure in Season 3. 

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