Venom Director Uncertain About Return for Spider-Man Crossover Movie

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Venom, Spider-Man

After the enormous success of the Spider-Man spin-off Venom at the box office, many expected Sony Pictures to stick with the same director for the sequel. Although, it was uncertain if director Ruben Fleischer would return until Sony announced that Andy Serkis would direct the sequel and the live-action debut of Carnage.

However, Fleischer remained close to Sony, having directed Uncharted, which, funnily enough, stars Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. Having directed both Venom and Uncharted, this would mean Fleischer has had experience working with both Tom Hardy and Tom Holland, who could both inevitably face off in a future sequel as Venom and Spider-Man.

This would be a sequel that Fleischer is more than excited to direct.

Original Venom Director Expresses Interest in Returning

Venom, Spider-Man

The original Venom director, Ruben Fleischer, sat down to speak with Cinemabeld's Sean O'Connell about his next movie, Uncharted, starring Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

O'Connell asked Fleischer if the director would be interested in returning to direct for the franchise, along with seeing both Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and Tom Holland's Peter Parker meeting in live-action.

O'Connell responded with great interest yet was uncertain about returning to direct, saying "it would be honestly a dream come true to have those two worlds converge:"

"We’ll have to see. I mean, it would be honestly a dream come true to have those two worlds converge. It’ll be a formidable battle between those two characters, so… whether or not I direct it, I’ll certainly be excited to see it."

Tom Hardy's Venom vs. Tom Holland's Spider-Man

While Fleischer is excited at the idea of working with both actors on a sequel, it's an unlikely prospect for two big reasons. Firstly, Tom Hardy was keen on having Andy Serkis direct the sequel, having a prior relationship with the actor turned director before Venom even began filming. So, it's doubtful that Hardy would part with Serkis and have Fleischer return.

This is not to mention Tom Hardy already has expectations for the third Venom entry.

Secondly, if Uncharted does end up being a success for Sony Pictures, and when it contemplates a sequel, Fleischer may remain attached to that franchise, having no time for Eddie or Venom. So, while it's a bonus that this director has worked with both Tom Hardy and Tom Holland, it's rather unlikely to see him return to the franchise.

Fans can expect to see more of Venom's expanding universe when they see Morbius in theaters on April 1, 2022.

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