Venom 3 Update Reveals Tom Hardy’s Massive New Salary

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Venom 3 Tom Hardy contract

Whether reaction they garner, Sony's Venom movies are here to stay. Having already released the first Venom film in 2018, followed up with a sequel in 2021, the Tom Hardy-led franchise has its share of fans, but also a large contingent of detractors. Many even question its very reason for existing, calling into question the logic of making a Venom movie without Spider-Man's involvement.

Hardy was noted as having taken a more involved role in the sequel as he sought to further take ownership of and define the symbiote-powered anti-hero. He even served as a producer on the second movie. Both films have been profitable for Sony, so it should come as no surprise that the studio has started development on a third movie.

It's been confirmed that Hardy, who stars in the films as Eddie Brock/Venom was paid a $7 million salary for his initial appearance in the original. For Venom: Let There Be Carnage, his financial return was undisclosed, but it can be assumed that it was higher than his salary for the first film. But as it would seem, Venom 3 may be Hardy's most lucrative outing of all.

Tom Hardy's Huge Venom 3 Payday

Venom, Tom Hardy

According to Variety, Tom Hardy, star of the upcoming Venom 3, will earn $20 million for his acting duties in the film. His high price tag might also have to do with the fact that he is again serving as a producer on the film, as he did on Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Hardy's Making Bank From Venom

Clearly, Sony wishes to invest in Tom Hardy. And perhaps rightfully so, as the actor has considerable star power and social cache.

Of course, the actor doesn't just play Eddie Brock - he also does all the voice acting for the Venom symbiote itself, so perhaps he's been able to parlay this extra role into a bigger paycheck for himself. The fact that he's also co-producing this upcoming threequel helps a great deal as well.

One question still remains for some fans though: will Hardy's Venom ever meet Tom Holland's Spider-Man? It does seem somewhat unlikely, seeing as how Holland's web-slinger is firmly enmeshed in the MCU. But with Marvel Studios presently exploring the Multiverse in its recent projects, anything's possible really. Especially when one considers that Eddie Brock briefly existed on the MCU's Earth-616, as seen in the mid-credit scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It's currently unknown when exactly Venom 3 will hit theaters, but it could be some time, given that the film has not yet entered principal photography.

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