Venom 3 Photo Teases 'Last Dance' for Tom Hardy's Anti-Hero

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Despite Sony's recent slip-up, Morbius, the studio will be moving full steam ahead with its goal of creating a cinematic universe of Spider-Man spin-offs. Sony is working on films such as Kraven the HunterMadame WebEl Muerto, and more, but this expansion hasn't deterred the studio from pushing forward with its biggest franchise: Venom​​​​​.

Sony previously saw great success with Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage at the box office, while also accruing mass praise from fans, despite poor critical reactions. Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock will soon be back for Venom 3, having last been seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home's post-credits scene as he departed the MCU and left a trace of symbiote behind.

With Sony having promised an eventual crossover between Spider-Man and Venom, the two have been predicted to clash in the third film - Andrew Garfield has even expressed interest in facing off against his fellow British Marvel star.

The studio only just recently green-lit the third installment in the Venom saga, but things appear to be moving forward at a face past.

Tom Hardy Hints at Venom 3 Being the End

In a recent Instagram post, Tom Hardy confirmed the scriptwriting process for Venom 3 has begun with Kelly Marcel returning to pen Sony's Marvel flick, while the British star assists with the story.

Hardy also shared the photo of Venom 3's script cover on his Instagram story with a "last dance" sticker, indicating the Symbiote-centric franchise may end as a trilogy.

Venom 3 Script Last Dance

The cover featured a cartoon drawing of Venom with a hand-drawn red tongue coming from his mouth in the shape of the letter "s," potentially hinting at a Spider-Man crossover. 

Venom 3 Script

Will Venom 3 Be Tom Hardy's Last?

Neither Sony nor Tom Hardy has yet confirmed Venom 3 will be the end of his anti-hero journey, but teasing the film as the "last dance" does seem to imply that to be the case. If Venom 3 does mark the final appearance of Eddie Brock, then there's no doubt either Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland's Spider-Man will appear to deliver the epic crossover that fans have been waiting for.

With No Way Home leaving a trace of the Venom alien symbiote in the MCU, Hardy departing his Marvel role does solve some problems for the franchise. After all, having a Venom in both the Sony and MCU universe may prove confusing to moviegoers, meaning the door may now be open to meet a new iteration of the character in Holland's next Spider-Man trilogy.

Who knows what direction Marvel Studios and Sony intend on taking the MCU's newly-introduced symbiote. Perhaps fans will soon meet a Variant of Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, or maybe Flash Thompson will take up the Agent Venom mantle. Holland's Spider-Man could finally don the famous black symbiote suit.

Now that the script-writing stage has got underway for Venom 3, fans finally have the first indication of when the follow-up will arrive. With both Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web slated for 2023, Venom 3 is likely to follow El Muerto in 2024, unless Sony is eager to fast-track the film for a quicker release.

Depending on one's own thoughts and feelings regarding the first two Venom films, the decision to bring Kelly Marcel back for writing duties may be an unpopular one. But Hardy's continued inclusion in story duties is an exciting one as his passion for the franchise has long been the driving force behind it.

Venom 3 has yet to set an official release date.

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