Tom Holland's Uncharted: New Movie Images Reveal Key Artifacts & Locations

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As the disastrous year of 2020 finally comes to a close, the movie industry is heading into a packed year of content with a schedule of highly anticipated release dates across multiple franchises. After years of delays, recasts, and changing of directors, the Tom Hollan- led adaptation of Uncharted — the PlayStation exclusive action-adventure franchise — appears finally set to meet a release date as its July theater release edges ever closer.

The title — which also stars Mark Walhberg as Sully — wrapped shooting in October 2020 with the first teaser images released showcasing Tom Holland's portrayal of Nathan Drake, a casting decision that was plagued with viral controversy.

Fans have been waiting since Holland's initial casting to finally sneak a peek at his portrayal of the popular character, and that moment appears to be moving closer as a set of teaser images from the Ruben Fleischer directed adaptation has been released to celebrate the beginning of 2021.


In a special New Year's Day teaser, the official Uncharted movie Twitter account published a selection of teaser images from the upcoming adaptation with the caption: “A new year. A new adventure awaits.”

Key Artifact Sat on an Old Map
A key artifact from Uncharted via @UnchartedMovie

The first image displays a mysterious jeweled key artifact placed on a map. This artifact will likely play a key role in Nathan and Sully's adventure.

Key Artifact Opening
The key from the previous image in use from Uncharted via @UnchartedMovie ​​​

This second image shows Nathan and Sully having reached at least one of their many destinations in the movie, finally opening whatever the key may unlock.

Old Statue
An old abandoned state from Uncharted via @UnchartedMovie

The statue figure displayed in the third of the teasers appears to take place at the same location as the second image, displaying a hatted armored figure carrying a shield. Considering the statue is coated in moss and cobwebs, it appears the mysterious location has been deserted for some time.

Old Map
An old world map from Uncharted via @UnchartedMovie

The last of the images goes full circle to the first, displaying a closer look at a world map which Nathan and Sully will use on their globe-trotting adventure. As this is Uncharted , fans can be sure this map will take the lead characters to some form of treasure when they reach the end of the line.


It's safe to say the Uncharted movie has been delaying release dates long before it became trendy in 2020. However, with the shooting wrapped and the first teasers released, it appears as if the long-awaited adaptation is finally set to see the light of day.

The release of the first images from the adaptation seems to indicate that the first trailer giving a closer look at Tom Holland's performance as PlayStation video game icon Nathan Drake may be coming soon. Fans previously anticipated a trailer release in December when Tom Holland was announced to be presenting an award during the Game Awards live event, however, fans were met with disappointment as no such reveal took place.

Uncharted — starring Tom Holland and directed by Ruben Fleischer — is set to release in US theaters on July 16, 2021 (global release dates may vary by region).

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