Fantastic Four Reboot Movie: Rumor Reveals Major Villain Who May Appear

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A new rumor suggested another major villain may appear as the herald of Galactus in the Fantastic Four reboot instead of the Silver Surfer.

Ever since Galactus was rumored to be the villain of the upcoming reboot, his classic herald, the Silver Surfer, seemed not too far behind. Moreover, it was rumored that the Cosmic Wanderer would receive either his own Special Presentation or film that "must" release before the reboot, suggesting it'd be set up for the Fantastic Four.

Rumors of Galactus casting have also appeared online, with Marvel Studios supposedly in talks with Antonio Banderas. So, fans expect casting talks to begin popping up for the Silver Surfer any day now.

However, despite recent rumors of Galactus being accompanied by his classic herald in the upcoming reboot, a new rumor revealed the Devourer would have different heralds set for the film.

Galactus' Villainous Herald(s)

Online scooper MyTimeToShine (MTTSH) teased that Terrax would be the Herald of Galactus in the MCU's Fantastic Four, suggesting that he would take the place of the Silver Surfer.

Terrax the Tamer, Galactus, Herald, Marvel Comics

In the comics, Terrax was a Landlak formally known as Tyros, a dictator on the planet Birj, with the mutant ability to move earth through telekinesis. When he was approached by Galactus and made his herald, these powers were magnified by Galactus' Power Cosmic.

He was one of Galactus' most rebellious heralds, running off with his new powers to establish his own empire before being dragged back to the Devourer. But accompanying this rumor was another from Alex Perez of the Cosmic Circus.

Terrax, Herald, Marvel Comics

Perez retweeted MTTSH's rumor, saying, "One of them anyways," suggesting that Galactus would have multiple heralds in Fantastic Four and added he's "not talking about Norrin." This further pointed to the Silver Surfer not appearing in the reboot.

Perez also retweeted another user, @RoshanKamalSwa2, who theorized that "after [these harelds] are defeated Galactus recruits Silver Surfer." Pushing the notion that the Cosmic Wanderer could be a no-show and become Galactus' herald after this reboot.

Another scooper, CanWeGetSomeToast (CWGST), said before this Terrax rumor appeared that "a Silver Surfer project is going to stem out of Fantastic Four" but that he "will NOT be in the [reboot]."

CWGST further emphasized that this Silver Surfer project would "be set AFTER Fantastic Four" and that "It will NOT be a special like Werewolf By Night, but rather a movie or a D+ Show." This would contradict Perez's earlier report of Silver Surfer getting a project under the condition that it "must" be released before the reboot, but things in development can always change.

It would certainly align with this new rumor of Terrax and other heralds, minus Norrin.

Who and What Are Galactus Heralds?

Galactus, Heralds, Silver Surfer, Marvel Comics

The position as the herald of Galactus can either be a burden or boon for those chosen by the Devourer. The task set upon them is simple: finding planets for Galactus to sate his hunger.

These can range from life-giving but uninhabited planets to those brimming with billions of sentient species. For the Silver Surfer, being the herald of Galactus was a curse, but for others, like Terrax, it was almost a blessing being granted such power, as was the case for many of Galactus' other heralds.

So, the most likely ones to accompany Terrax, outside of Norrin, would be Air-Walker, Firelord, and/or Stardust due to those three not having as much significance in the comics as other heralds, like Morg or The Fallen One, Galactus' first herald. But, what's funny about the iconic Marvel villain having multiple heralds at once before Norrin, is that it's been done before.

In the series finale of the animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Galactus arrives to devour the Earth with the help of his four heralds: Terrax, Air-Walker, Firelord, and Stardust. All without the Silver Surfer appearing or being mentioned once.

So, the MCU doing the same isn't that outlandish, although the Silver Surfer becoming Galactus' herald in the modern day would certainly be different from the comics. Hopefully, if that ends up being the case, Marvel Studios will be able to retain the guilt that weighs on Norrin.

Fans can expect to see Galactus and his heralds in action when Fantastic Four is released in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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