MCU: Silver Surfer Reboot Reportedly In the Works for Disney+

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Ever since the debut of Disney+, Marvel Studios has made great use of the platform with seven live-action series already released. Now, the studio is only further expanding its reach with its new Special Presentation banner for one-off stories within the MCU - which recently kickstarted with Werewolf by Night.

Werewolf by Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will offer the first look at the new format this year, but that will just be the beginning. Marvel Studios will reportedly be using the Disney+ specials as a means to introduce new characters, while certain shows get redeveloped to fit the format

As part of that endeavor will reportedly come a Special Presentation for a long-awaited cosmic hero, Nova, on top of another highly-anticipated MCU addition.

Silver Surfer Rumored to Lead Disney+ Special

Silver Surfer MCU

According to a report from The Cosmic Circus, the Herald of Galactus himself, Silver Surfer, will star in his own Marvel Studios Special Presentation on Disney+. The special will reportedly take a similar style to Werewolf by Night and feature Norrin Radd as a Herald of Galactus in the far reaches of the cosmos. 

The outlet reported that Silver Surfer is planned to debut in the months leading up to February 2025's Fantastic Four and "MUST release" before the film. Radd will reportedly not interact with any established MCU cosmic characters in his special presentation that takes Netflix's The Sandman as inspiration, with a cosmic twist.

In response to The Cosmic Circus' article, insider MyTimeToShineHello shared how they had "heard Silver Surfer is a movie," as opposed to a Disney+ Special Presentation as previously reported.

Is Galactus Coming Sooner than Expected?

Silver Surfer entering the MCU this soon comes as a major surprise, especially since Galactus ought to be coming with him, likely within the Disney+ special. But with Kang the Conqueror already slated to round out the Multiverse Saga as its main antagonist, Galactus may not take the spotlight for a while. 

Since the special reportedly must release ahead of Fantastic Four, one can only imagine it will have a direct influence over the theatrical blockbuster. Perhaps Silver Surfer and Galactus will appear in Marvel's First Family's MCU debut after the Disney+ special gives much-needed context regarding their origin and history.

But in terms of when Galactus will become the Avengers-level villain he ought to, that will likely be saved for the MCU's third saga, by which point he will have to contend with the Avengers, Eternals, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. The MCU may just be choosing to set-up its next big threat early to get fans excited and invested.

With regard to when news will come on Silver Surfer, Marvel Studios didn't announce Werewolf by Night until around a month before release, after having cast, shot, and completed post-production on the special in secret. So, fans may be waiting until near the late 2024 release for any official news to come.

Before then, fans can prepare to see news gradually emerge regarding casting, the director, and other crew signings - provided this rumor proves true. Among the favorite choices among fans to portray the MCU's Silver Surfer have include Sam Witwer, Rami Malek, Ryan Gosling, and Keanu Reeves.

Silver Surfer will reportedly premiere on Disney+ in late 2024 or early 2025.

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