MCU: When Will X-Men Join the Avengers World? Kevin Feige Responds

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Kevin Feige Hints at X-Men Debut in the MCU

Marvel fans are still recovering from the MCU mega-panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The event unveiled the next four years of the storied super-powered franchise, revealing release dates for a number of projects and even an Avengers film or two. But one name that was noticeably absent from SDCC was the X-Men.

Ever since Marvel Studios purchased Fox Studios, Marvel's magnificent mutants have been primed to join the MCU. Rumors of a Mutants project have been swirling for a while and the mutant gene is on the mind of many, as it was confirmed Kamala Kahn was one at the end of Ms. Marvel

But when will the X-Men come to the MCU? Well, Kevin Feige has given a first hint line from Comic-Con. 

X-Men When?

Speaking with Brandon Davis of, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hinted at when fans can expect the X-Men in the MCU. 

Davis joked that "Phase 10, is that gonna be Phase X?" alluding to Marvel's team of signature mutants, to which Feige replied "You wanna wait til Phase 10 for the X-Men?... Alright, that’s longer than I wanna wait:"

BD: “I’m gonna end it with this. Alright, Phase 10, is that gonna be Phase X? Is that when we’re finally gonna hear [about the X-Men]… a lil Phase X?”
Feige: “You wanna wait til Phase 10 for the X-Men? Alright, that’s longer than I wanna wait, but I guess. I’ll follow your lead, sir” 

The Mutant in the MCU

Yes, this quote is joking in a way, but there is some comfort one can take in Feige's answer here. He is itching to get these mutants on screen and is going to do so sooner than later. 

Right now, the MCU is just starting to plant those first mutant seeds, so it is going to take some time before they grow into something fans can sit down and watch on the big screen, but it's not going to be a process that will take decades. 

At Comic-Con, Marvel called what they are in now with the MCU the Multiverse Saga. From there, it would make sense to move into the Mutant Saga, establishing the major X-Men players and bringing them fully into the MCU for the first time. 

It's going to take a bit of time, but to paraphrase Kevin Feige, at least it won't be Phase 10.

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