Black Widow: Rachel Weisz Teases Pig Experiments In Marvel Movie

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Several months ago, it was revealed that Rachel Weisz's character in Black Widow, Melina Vostokoff, was one of the leading scientists for the Red Room. By the time the story begins, she has distanced herself from the organization, but Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff finds her again. It was further stated that Vostokoff would have to decide where her loyalties truly lie.

Promotion for Black Widow is in full swing, with interviews and promotional videos leading up to its release. However, despite earlier leaks and character descriptions, not much of Vostokoff has actually been shown in trailers.

So, in a recent interview, Weisz was asked to talk more about her character, which surprisingly involved pigs.


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Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, actress Rachel Weisz was asked whether she was given a list of topics off-limits to discuss regarding Black Widow, which she confirmed exists, but that she "lost it:"

"Yes, there is a list. I lost it. One thing I do remember is do not say—I mean, I know the big spoilers, which I'm obviously not gonna say, but my character's second name is like [motions locking lips and throwing away key]."

When asked about what else Weisz could say about the character she's playing, Melina Vostokoff, Weisz described her not only as a spy but a scientist, too. Vostokoff runs a "pig farm" that she uses for various experiments:

"She's a highly skilled spy and scientist. She runs a pig farm and that's in fact where the family meet me, at my scientific lab where I also keep pigs, which I experiment on."

The segment ends with Weisz, again, mentioning not talking about Melina's "second name."


Pigs are commonly used in animal testing when it comes to biomedical research, but what Melina Vostokoff would be trying to accomplish is the question. It could be likely that Vostokoff is attempting to recreate a variation of the Super Soldier Serum that was given to Steve Rogers using pigs as test subjects.

Black Widow Red Vials
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Some merchandise and even one special look from over a year ago have shown Romanoff in possession of red vials, which begs another question of whether Melina Vostokoff is even on their side and not still working for the Red Room.

It could have something to do with the "second name" that Weisz hinted at in her interview with Kimmel. Maybe Vostokoff could end up being Taskmaster all along with O.T Fagbenle being a red herring for audiences.

The vials themselves could be the same Red Room variant of Super Soldier Serum used on Romanoff as an infant in the comics. On the other hand, it could be that Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova will take this serum, which could be shown on full display in her follow-up appearance in Hawkeye.

Black Widow is currently scheduled to release in theaters and on Disney+ on July 9, 2021.

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