Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set Videos Show Mysterious Gray-Clad Soldiers & More

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Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier began filming in Prague some weeks ago. Since then, there have been multiple pieces of news that emerged about the casting for two potentially big characters as well as some explosive behind-the-scene footage captured by onlookers.

Fandíme Filmu has been the most attentive in Prague in gathering footage and photos from local onlookers with the most shocking on-set footage revealing John Walker publicly using excessive force on someone, possibly to death, with Captain America's mighty shield in quite a violent matter.


More footage from on-set filming has been leaked to Fandíme Filmu, showing organized, gray-clad soldiers outside of a building in Prague made to look like a Swiss building, pictured in various set photos.

Fandíme Filmu further describes the other scene showing a swarm of citizens having "some kind of uproar" in front of the Swiss building.

Besides Latvia, Prague will represent Switzerland (or the Swiss embassy in an another German speaking country). You can see pictures of street signs and flags below. The production was shooting some kind of uproar in front of the Swiss building. Members of the public were acting wild (maybe they were trying to get into the building, but we don't know) and the security was trying to stop them. There was violence and according to witnesses, at least one stunt guy flew pretty high / far after a punch, so there is a chance some super powers were involved. (But we are just speculating). No main characters were seen.


Narrowing it down from the leagues of villain organizations in the comics, these soldiers guarding the Swiss building either belong to ULTIMATUM, an anarchistic group of terrorists dedicated to abolishing the concept of nationalism from the world for peace, or The Watchdogs, another terrorist organization bent on getting rid of any person, people, group or institution that doesn't conform to their beliefs of traditional American values.

While both groups have been enemies of Captain America too many times to count over the decades, the most likely candidate between the two would be The Watchdogs, due to their relationship with John Walker. In the comics, Walker actually infiltrated the group shortly after taking the mantel of Captain America after Rogers quit. However, Walker's cover was blown, and the group retaliated by kidnappings his parents and attempted to hang him.

Due to Walker's brash actions, both his parents were killed. In retaliation, John Walker proceeded to slaughter every one of them brutally. This scene could depict Walker himself attempting to break into this Swiss building guarded by them, shown by one of them sent flying by someone super-powered.

The fact that the location seen in the set video takes place in Switzerland and that The Watchdogs are largely an American-based terrorist organization makes ULTIMATUM the primary candidates for the organization that these soldiers belong to. As for how exactly ULTIMATUM relates to Captain America, their leader Flag-Smasher butted heads with Rogers over his anti-nationalistic rhetoric and goals.

Looking further into this character, Karl Morgenthau aka Flag-Smasher is actually Swiss himself and was actually the son of a Swiss diplomat, which makes it very likely that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will feature ULTIMATUM and a Swiss public who protests their anti-nationalistic rhetoric.

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March 19, 2021
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