Marvel's Thor 4 Set Photos Show Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie & More Familiar Characters

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Tessa Thompson Valkyrie

Right out of the gate in February, fans got to see an exciting set photo from Thor: Love and Thunder showing a goat. More specifically, a giant goat, which got comic fans in a tizzy since it was entirely likely that this movie would introduce at least one of Thor's mystical goats that pulls his chariot , Toothgnasher or Toothgrinder.

Fans initially began to speculate that perhaps the director and writer Taika Waititi had merged the creatures as Thor's fellow goat wasn't anywhere to be seen. However, many new set photos have begun to leak over the past several days, including one that shows that goats come in pairs.


Shared by Twitter user @lovethundernews (via The Daily Mail ), new set photos gave fans a better look at the giant white goat seen earlier, but this time, they're accompanied by another equally large brown goat with far curlier horns.

Tessa Thompson was on set rocking a new hairstyle for Valkyrie and wearing bright blue casual clothes atypical of the character's last two MCU appearances in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame.

Additionally, one crew member was seen carrying what appears to be a prop for Miek without his exoskeleton body.


It’s far from confirmed that these two giant goats are indeed Toothgnasher or Toothgrinder, but it’s not like they’d be two random, completely unrelated giant goats. So, it’s good to see that both of them will make an appearance. Although, in the comics, their primary purpose was to help Thor travel between the Nine Realms, which Thor can already do with Stormbreaker.

So, will there be a short little reference for fans, or will something happen to Stormbreaker that forces Thor to resort to using both noble steeds? It could also be that this movie will introduce Heven, the tenth realm, into the MCU. It's possible that Stormbreaker would not be able to travel to this new realm, which is why Thor's hoofed companions will come in handy.

Another possibility is that these goats could belong to Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie instead, as it appears that she's arriving at the stage play with them, accompanied by the adorable little Miek. It would also give her character the means to freely travel the realms the same as Thor, so it could be possible for Love and Thunder to have two concurrent plots happening that would eventually merge by the end of the film.

Additionally, an earlier casting grid showed that Marvel Studios was looking for a transwoman actress of any ethnicity in her 20s to 30s, which many believed was for the character of Sera. In the comics, Sera is a transwoman and a wingless angel of Heven who eventually marries Thor's estranged sister, Angela. Many have speculated that perhaps Thompson's Valkyrie will take the place of Angela in the comic and Sera being the Queen she is seeking .

In any case, it will be giddy to see these two goats in live-action and maybe even interacting with the cute little Miek.

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