Marvel's Armor Wars: Iron Man Disney+ Spin-off Receives New Working Title

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Armor Wars Disney Plus

A working title for a film is the temporary title used when disguising the nature of the production when shooting on location. The working titles used by Marvel Studios for productions typically have a deeper meaning in some way, such as referencing a particular character or theme surrounding the project.

One recent example is the working title for Ironheart being "Wise Guy," which is a likely nod to Tony Stark. Others like The Marvel's "Goat Rodeo" and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's "Dust Bunny" could be cutesy references to the potential chaos of the story or how small the characters might end up getting.

However, a new working title for another project has supposedly been discovered...that seems to just be a type of pasta.

War Machine Will Eat Pasta in Armor Wars?

Armor Wars

The Cosmic Circus reported that while the outlet did not find any new limited liability companies or filming dates related to Marvel Studios, it found that the working title for Armor Wars will be "Rigatoni."

Armor Wars is an upcoming Disney+ series starring Don Cheadle's Colonel James Rhodes aka War Machine. The series will reportedly air on the streaming service sometime in 2023. The series will explore the idea of Tony Stark's technology falling into the wrong hands. 

A Certain Hammer Who Likes Italian Dishes

In Iron Man 2, Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer kidnaped Mickey Rourke's Ivan Vanko to do business with him. Hammer offered Vanko whatever he wanted, including salmon carpaccio, an Italian dish.

Hammer even seems to favor Italian food, bragging about importing organic Italian ice cream from San Francisco. So, could this food-related working title based on Italian pasta be connected to Tony Stark's former rival, Justin Hammer? It would certainly make sense for him to be a primary antagonist, especially since he attempted to replicate Stark's technology.

It could also just be a play on words with Iron Man's civilian identity, but fans will find out for sure when Armor Wars is released on Disney+.

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