Disney Exec Possibly Hints at Elizabeth Olsen's Marvel Hero Having Witchcraft Origin

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While most Marvel fans are crossing their fingers that Wanda Maximoff will be revealed to be a mutant in the MCU's Phase 4, there's another possibility that the Scarlet Wich's powers could be similar to Doctor Strange, acting as a form of witchcraft as they currently are in the comics. Despite past implications of Wanda and Pietro holding specific “genetic anomalies” and the possibility that the Mind Stone only unlocked Wanda's powers, it's just as likely that the twin's powers are truly magical in nature.

It seems abundantly clear at this point that the Agnes character in WandaVision, played by Kathryn Hahn, will actually be Agatha Harkness, another witch who actually taught Wanda how to harness her raw power and magic in the comics. WandaVision will also “show how Wanda is originally from an Eastern European country” and her life growing up with American television, which could also mean learning more about her parents.


President of Marketing for The Walt Disney Studios, Asad Ayaz, has recently been sharing posters and promotional images having to do with WandaVision. The executive has now cryptically posted the cover of Issue #4 of James Robinson's Scarlet Witch with no comment.



Honestly, by itself, this posting could mean nothing coming; there's a chance that Ayaz posted it simply because he loved David Aja's cover art for this issue. However, interestingly, this particular issue does explore one relevant topic to Wanda, which is her past and legacy. In Issue #4 of Scarlet Witch, it is revealed to Wanda that she was not the first Scarlet Witch, but that it was a title passed down generations thanks to witchcraft. Wanda learns that her mother, Natalya Maximoff, called herself the Scarlet Witch as well.

Wanda Maximoff's Mother Marvel Comic Panel
Scarlet Witch (2015) — Issue #4

WandaVision might lean far more into witchcraft than some fans may expect, and it could turn out that her powers are the product of witches rather than her Mutant genes.

Way back in July, a WandaVision stunt casting list showed that a coven of witches would be involved in the series. James Robinson's Scarlet Witch focuses heavily on the occult and witchcraft, as that comic series revolves around Wanda traveling the globe, stomping out bad witchcraft with a spectral Agatha Harkness.

Elizabeth Olsen mentioned that Marvel CCO Kevin Feige “wanted to merge two different comic series as inspiration,” with one of them obviously being Tom King's Vision. Now, it seems more possible that the second comic series could be James Robinson's Scarlet Witch. As we know that Wanda will next appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after her Disney+, a witchcraft explanation to her power-set could warrant her inclusion in the Benedict Cumberbatch sequel even more.

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