Blackhawk Movie: Steven Spielberg's DC Superhero Film Still in the Works

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Steven Spielberg DC Superhero Blackhawk Movie

It has been known since at least the early 1980s that director Steven Spielberg said he had plans to direct a film adaptation of DC's Blackhawk with Dan Aykroyd attached as the titular hero.

Decades later, on April 17, 2018, it was announced that Spielberg would not only produce but direct his long-proposed adaptation of the DC character. It would be a thrilling tale of a mysterious man leading a small team of ace pilots during World War II.

The last real update for the film was given last August by writer David Koepp, who said that he was currently in the process of rewrites that he hoped to finish soon:

“I just hope it happens because it’s so fun and it’s a World War II movie about a squadron of fighter pilots. What could be more fun?”

However, it was discovered that Koepp had given an even more recent update on the superhero script, indicating that the project had not yet been shelved or canceled.


Blackhawk Movie

It has been noted that the writer for the Blackhawk film, David Koepp, made an Instagram post on December 18, 2020, indicating that work was still being done on the script for Steven Spielberg's Blackhawk.




Warner Bros. has had an abysmal track record of announcing projects years ahead of time only to cancel them long before cameras even start rolling. The latest example of this was Ava Duvernay's New Gods and James Wan’s The Trench, both of which were announced years ago only to be suddenly scrapped after years of development or sitting collecting dust, in the case of The Trench.

Additionally, Spielberg's Blackhawk superhero film was not hinted at during AT&T's Investor Day presentation in March, revealing previously unconfirmed projects like Batgirl and Zatanna.

So, it could just be a matter of time until the people in charge decide to pull the trigger and announce the cancellation or shelving of Spielberg's first superhero film.

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