Tom Holland Clarifies Spider-Man Retirement Comments

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Shortly after the release of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland made several comments alluding to his time as Peter Parker coming to an end. Holland admitted in an interview that he should maybe move on from the role of Peter Parker so that someone else could play Spider-Man, specifically suggesting the Miles Morales character.

However, over recent weeks, it has become apparent that Holland's conflicting comments about returning to the role is him negotiating through the media. This is a tactic often used to influence new deals or contracts by openly suggesting plans not to renew them, resulting in the other party sweetening the pot, which could mean a higher pay for Holland.

In a new interview to promote Uncharted, Holland clarified those about playing the MCU's web-slinger.

Is Tom Holland Leaving Spider-Man?

Tom Holland, Spider-Man

In an interview with Esquire Middle East to promote Uncharted, actor Tom Holland was asked whether or not he would be willing to play the role of Nathan Drake into his 30s. This came with the interviewer comparing previous comments Holland made about retiring from his Spider-Man role after he turned 30.

Holland, who is now 25 years old, pivoted to clarify that particular Spider-Man comment by saying that the quote "has been slightly misconstrued."

The No Way Home star reiterated that he felt "[he] would have done something wrong" by not "[passing] on the baton" to characters like Miles Morales or Spider-Woman:

"What I was basically trying to say is that if I am 30 and still playing Spider-Man and I haven't passed on the baton to a Miles Morales or a Spider-Woman or something more diverse, then I will have done something wrong in the sense of duties that I have to the character."

Holland made it clear that he wasn't implying he'd be "some washed-up has-been" if he was still playing the role at that age:

"Not that if I'm playing Spider-Man in my 30s I'm some washed-up has-been. That's not what I was saying at all."

There Can Be More Than One Spider-Man

It seems as if Tom Holland is under the impression that there can only ever be one Spider-Man at a time and that the moniker cannot be shared with two characters or actors. For example, the sequel to Insomniac Games' critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man is primed to have both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as equals fighting the likes of Venom and Kraven the Hunter.

It's not as if the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn't begin introducing Miles Morales in the next trilogy, especially since Aaron Davis was already established in Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Donald Glover. Like in the comics and video games, Peter Parker and Miles Morales can both call themselves Spider-Man as they fight criminals in New York.

Also, Sony isn't just going to let Holland walk away from the table, especially when Spider-Man: No Way Home remains such an enormous success at the box office during an ongoing global pandemic, and without China at that. It's also doubtful that Holland would wish to leave such a huge role behind, especially when a whole new world has opened up for the character of Peter Parker.

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