Tom Holland Addresses Spider-Man 4, 5 & 6 Future

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Spider-Man: No Way Home marked the end of Tom Holland's MCU trilogy, but reports suggest that his character's journey is far from over. The threequel brought back villains and heroes from past Spider-Man films, giving fans plenty of nostalgia as three generations of web-slingers teamed up for an unforgettable adventure. In addition, No Way Home's ending also presented a fresh slate for Holland's young hero, thus leading to a big question mark about the character's in-universe future. 

While No Way Home broke box office records and earned positive reviews from fans and critics, talks about Holland's future in the Marvel universe gained steam. The conversation began during the movie's worldwide premiere, with Sony producer Amy Pascal teasing that the threequel will not be "the last Spider-Man movie" while also confirming another three MCU Spider-Man films

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also joined the conversation, confirming that the producers are "actively beginning to develop where the story heads" for Spider-Man 4. 

Holland responded to the reports by admitting that the news spells "very exciting things"  and a "bright future ahead," but he stressed that he "[doesn’t] know what those things are" or what they could mean as of right now. Now, the Marvel star has addressed what lies ahead for his character once again in a new interview. 

Tom Holland Responds to Spider-Man Future 

Tom Holland, Spider-Man

While promoting his upcoming film Uncharted, Spider-Man star Tom Holland sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his future in the MCU. 

While former Sony executive Amy Pascal previously confirmed that the studio is already working with Marvel Studios on Spider-Man 4, the Marvel actor first clarified the situation. Holland made it clear that those are only "conversations" at the moment: 

"We've had conversations about the potential future of Spider-Man, but at the moment they are conversations. We don't know what the future looks like."

The actor then shared that he's sure that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Sony chief Tom Rothman are "thinking of something" with Pascal, but he once again stressed that he is unsure what those plans are: 

"But at this moment I don't know what that is."

Holland then pointed out that he's "not really thinking about the future" right now, since he's "still riding the wave of the success" of No Way Home and "enjoying that."

Spider-Man's Complicated Future 

Tom Holland's latest comments suggest that he has no clue about his MCU future, potentially due to the fact that he still hasn't signed a new contract yet. Holland has been vocal about his uncertain future during No Way Home's press junket, and so far, it's been a mixed bag. 

The Marvel actor previously put his Spider-Man future in question by speculating that the next best thing for the character is to focus on other heroes like Miles Morales instead. On the flip side, Holland also teased the prospect of multiple sequels "again and again and again" now that No Way Home has been released.

Given that No Way Home is still in theaters, this could be plausible. Still, there's a strong chance that negotiations are underway, especially after the comments from Feige and Pascal. 

Holland may have not yet signed a new contract, and his comments could serve as his leverage when internal negotiations do happen. The result could be a generous back-end profit-sharing deal, which could be similar to Robert Downey Jr.'s contract clause. 

Whatever the case, it's safe to assume that Holland's new contract may be a matter of when and not if, considering the actor's successful and impressive portrayal of Spider-Man through the years.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide. 

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