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Spider-Man: No Way Home has been the most talked-about movie of the year; it's filled the internet with news, gossip, and theories—nearly nonstop at times. It's hard to believe that the film is almost actually out. Long have fans theorized about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire returning to their roles, or speculated as to why Jamie Foxx's Electro has an arc reaction. The moment everyone has waited for is days away.

For some, it's actually already happened. Not only has the red carpet premiere for the project come and gone, but select critics around the world were given the chance to see Tom Holland's next adventure before its theatrical debut later this week.

The secrets that people around the world have waited to uncover are finally known. But, with all of those answers, what did they all think? Now, the first social media reactions have dropped and the word is in. 

Spider-Man No Way, There Are Reactions

Critics and pundits have finally seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and their thoughts are here:

Erik Davis from Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes declared that No Way Home "is THE BEST live-action Spider-Man movie," and that star Tom Holland gave "[his] favorite performance of the trilogy":

"I can confidently say #SpiderManNoWayHome is THE BEST live-action Spider-Man movie. A thrilling & emotional end to the “Homecoming” trilogy, but also a smart, fun & exciting tribute to 20 years of Spider-Man movies. Both hilarious & heartbreaking, I honestly loved every second... Tom Holland is terrific in #SpiderManNoWayHome - my favorite performance of the trilogy. His Spidey battles are epic (the stuff w/ Willem Dafoe is especially frightening), and his journey as Peter Parker has this great balance of humor & hardship. He grows up a lot in this one... make no mistake there’s a lot of weirdness & multiverse shenanigans in this film, and we will debate & celebrate it for all eternity. I think it’s great. I was tearing up in a lot of spots. By the end, you realize just how invested you’ve become in this family & these friendships"

Founder of We Live Entertainment Scott Menzel shared another mighty declaration, saying that it "is the best Marvel movie of all time":

"Spider-Man: No Way Home is the best Marvel movie of all time. #SpiderManNoWayHome perfectly pays tribute to the legacy of Spider-Man and finds that perfect balance of humor, action, heart, and nostalgia. Fans of the web-slinger will absolutely lose their minds when they see this."

Matt Roembke from The Direct took note that the film is "everything you want from a Peter Parker story":

"#SpiderManNoWayHome makes you feel every feeling you could possibly feel. It is 2.5 hours of nonstop emotion, action, quips, and heart. Everything you want from a Peter Parker story. It has never been a better time to be a Spider-Man fan."

Brandon Katz from the Morning Brew had a less positive, but still solid, reaction to the movie, saying that "not everything works, but what does work is enough for me":

"While not everything works in #SpiderMan #NoWayHome what does work is enough for me. It's joyous and serious, messy and ridiculous, yet focused on heartfelt messages that evolve from previous films and tap into the central appeal of Spider-Man. 8/10"

Sophia Soto from The Nerds of Color posted a long string of tweets praising the film, which included a shoutout to Zendaya's performance, and also made note of how Aunt May was "give[en] more depth":

"There are some things that I would change, but #SpiderManNoWayHome was an insane journey that I genuinely enjoyed and left me wanting more. There’s so much that fans will love, but there’s also so much that will stay with you, especially if you love #SpiderMan as much as I do... where do I even start? I’m still very much processing #NoWayHome, but the first words that come to mind are amazing and devastating. First of all, Tom Holland’s performance continues (this isn’t the first time) to stick with me long after I leave the theater... In all honesty @TomHolland1996 is the one who made me fall in love with the character of Peter Parker and #SpiderMan, and this is some of his best work yet. He always gives his all to Spider-Man and it shows. In each film, he’s given us something deeper to the character... next, I have to praise @Zendaya because wow— I’ve always loved MJ, but I really loved MJ in this film. I was ready to cry at multiple points in the film, but Zendaya’s performance in one particular scene is what finally made my tears fall... I was thrilled that @marisatomei got some bigger content! Naturally, it made her a standout in the film and she thrived when it came to giving more depth to the character of Aunt May... Lastly, Tom and Zendaya are magic together. After this film, I can truly say Peter and MJ are my favorite couple in the MCU because their relationship truly felt next level. I want more from them and these characters..."

Umberto Gonzalez from The Wrap and Heroic Hollywood told everyone to "believe the hype," saying that the film "honors what has come before":

:"Believe the hype! #SpiderManNoWayHome is absolutely incredible. Not only the best superhero movie of the year, but hands down the best Spider-Man film ever that honors what has come before."

Tessa Smith from The Hollywood Critics Association declared that the movie "EXCEEDED" her expectations, and specifically mentioned how the returning villains "are actually used incredibly":

"Spider-Man: No Way Home didn't meet my expectations, it EXCEEDED them. This movie is worth every excruciating moment we had to wait! The visuals, the score, the heart, the story, the villains.... talk about an EPIC creation. Tears, chills, happiness... these villains are not back just to put fans in seats, they are actually used incredibly. Every one of them has a story, a plot point, and a meaningful arc."

Aaron Couch from The Hollywood Reporter made a small reaction, but compared the film to Avengers: Endgame:

"#SpiderManNoWayHome: wow, tears and the loudest crowd I’ve heard since Endgame."

Perri Nemiroff from Collider noted that "the first half... is a lil messy," but then exclaimed that the "second half SOARS":

"The first half of #SpiderManNoWayHome is a lil messy, but that second half SOARS. In that part of the movie, the multiverse of it all FAR exceeded my expectations -- fun, exhilarating, often very emotional and hugely satisfying material."

Brandon Davis from Comicbook.com boldly claimed that its "hard to imagine getting more than this movie gives you as a [Spider-Man] fan":

"#SpiderManNoWayHome is the most satisfying #SpiderMan movie you can imagine today. The movie delivers. It’s packed and moves at lightning speed. Relentless. It’s just so satisfying and rewarding. Hats off to Jon Watts for landing this one. Just an epic movie. Wow... Tom Holland and Zendaya deliver brilliant, emotional performances... everyone does. Benedict Cumberbatch has a great and fresh take on Strange but the #SpiderMan cast is just so great together... #SpiderManNoWayHome is undoubtedly the biggest, the most emotional, and possibly the best #SpiderMan movie ever. Need to sit with it and decide. It’s hard to imagine topping this one. Like, genuinely, hard to imagine getting more than this movie gives you as a #SpiderMan fan."

No Way Home Could Be The Best

After the leaks and fan-crazed theorizing that led up to this film, it's satisfying to know how the wait may have been worth it. Claims of No Way Home being the best Spider-Man film to date are certainly bold and not made about just any Spidey project.

Many might have been worried that these reactions would contain spoilers, but they seem to have managed to keep the surprises with themselves. Though, with all the claims about honoring legacy, and what came before, those Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire leaks seem plausible. However, all of that could simply allude to the returning villains like Alfred Molina's Doc Ock or Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin.

Fans will have to see for themselves when the project finally hits theaters in just a few days on December 17. Hopefully everyone can remain spoiler-free until the fateful moments arrive.

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