Black Widow: Evidence Suggests Disney May Delay Marvel Studios Movie Again

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Black Widow

Ever since the pandemic, productions and releases of MCU projects have had to be delayed, including Black Widow and everything that follows. Now, productions have finally begun again with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings planning to roll cameras this month. 

However, despite Disney still claiming a November 6 release date for Black Widow in its latest trailer less than two weeks ago, new evidence shows that the studio may be planning to move the Scarlett Johansson-led movie again.


In a report from Deadline about Wonder Woman 1984 moving from its October release date, the outlet noted that it would move somewhere in November, which is when Black Widow plans to release.

"There is a possibility we could see Wonder Woman 1984 going somewhere in November — yes, November. There are whispers, and Disney would not confirm today, that its Marvel movie Black Widow could move from its November 6 release date."

As Deadline states, Disney would not comment on the "whispers" about Black Widow shifting its release date once again.


If Black Widow does move from its November spot, it could mean that the entire MCU slate will have to move with it for a second time. This could cause more staggered releases for films and shows currently getting back into production. However, this could be a benefit for directors and writers, especially for the filmmakers of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness who are still reworking the movie after Scott Derrickson's departure as its director early this year.

Due to the nature of how the MCU functions as a franchise, its greatest trait could be its greatest weakness in this pandemic. If one movie is delayed, the rest behind it would have to be too, even if they don't have the same characters or actors, elements from the last movie could get spoiled in the next. The same can be said of the shows too, which were said by producer Kevin Feige to be interlinked with the movies.

It's also possible that Disney could delay Black Widow to December, away from Wonder Woman 1984, but again, it would be a little too close to Eternals, releasing February 12. So, if Black Widow is going to move theater dates, it will unfortunately mean everything else after it moving too. Another option is that, considering how well Mulan is doing on their streaming service, Disney could be tempted to release it there, lest they delay their whole line of movies again.

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