Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Detective & Criminal Cast Additions Further Hint at Matt Murdock Return

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Matthew Murdock on left and Spider-Man on right

It seems like Charlie Cox spoke too soon when he said that he'd be replaced if Daredevil appeared in Spider-Man 3. However, fans held onto hope for a return, especially after the release of news about Jamie Foxx returning as Electro despite already having played him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When the character rights to Matthew Murdock finally returned to Marvel Studios two years ago to the day of the cancelation of the Daredevil Netflix series, fans became even more embolden and crying out for Marvel Studios to #SaveDaredevil.

But, it seems like their wish has been granted, as scooper Charles Murphy had confirmed with three separate sources that, yes, Charlie Cox would be returning as the character under Marvel Studios and that he would next appear in Spider-Man 3. To what capacity and what role, no one knows for certain, but it seems pretty obvious to most fans that Peter Parker definitely needs a good lawyer, and a casting call for extras may point in that direction.


The Ronin has noticed some interesting casting calls for Spider-Man 3 that may more directly point to Matt Murdock making an appearance in the movie.

While casting for high school students at Peter Parker's school was underway, casting agencies have also been looking for extras to portray detectives and criminals in the Marvel Studios film. However, perhaps most interesting is a casting call looking for “Madison Citizens,” which could very well be a reference to the street where the law offices of Nelson & Murdock is located.

Madison Ave Daredevil Marvel Comic
Daredevil (1964) — Issue #22


It should be noted that, in the 1960s, Marvel Comics themselves had offices located on Madison Street in real life, so it's possible that this "Madison" name is in reference to that. Still, at this point, it'd actually make more sense for this to be a reference to The Man without Fear, especially since it's incredibly odd to name a category of extras “Madison Citizens.” It's possible that this term is being used to hide the fact that these extras are being cast for a scene(s) related to Daredevil. The additional casting of detectives and criminals either be for a scene involving a police station or, dare anyone say, a courthouse.

The post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home made it a point to show Peter Parker having his secret-identity exposed and framed for murder. Parker is going to have to find a way of getting himself out of this, so it could be entirely likely that Matthew Murdock could help clear Spider-Man's good name. Simultaneously, the appearance of either Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man to the public could secure the secret identity of the Peter Parker of the MCU.

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