Spider-Man 3 Listing Teases Courtroom Scene & Possible Daredevil Appearance

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The mystery surrounding Marvel Studios' Spider-Man 3 has been one of the main topics of discussion among MCU fans lately, and this was further amplified by the latest comments of the film's lead star, Tom Holland. The actor has been providing insight about the web-slinger's upcoming adventure recently, ranging from the emotional & exciting script all the way to the movie's connection to another MCU project, WandaVision

At this stage, it's no secret that Holland has been avoiding revealing major secrets about Spider-Man 3, which is a good thing considering the actor's history of spoiling major tidbits about his projects. Despite that, numerous reports have already given viewers an idea that the film will include the multiverse in a big way. 

One of the surprising rumors was the inclusion of Charlie Cox's Daredevil, a character that was originally from the Marvel's Netflix universe. Not much is known about Cox's role in Spider-Man 3, but a new casting call may shed some light on his inclusion. 


According to a new casting call from CL Casting, Spider-Man 3 is reportedly looking for males & females, ages 20-60s, to play a “courtroom stenographer, videographer, and attorney.” 

The listing is for “The November Project,” which is confirmed to be one of the working titles of the threequel.  


The massive cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home sent shock waves through Peter Parker due to his secret identity being revealed. In the end, it looks like this will be resolved in a compelling manner, as evidenced by this latest casting call. 

The addition of attorneys and various courtroom personnel could hint that a specific subplot of the threequel will revolve around fixing the legal issues surrounding Peter's dual life as Spider-Man. That said, it makes narrative sense for Matt Murdock to enter the fray. In many ways, it would be a fitting introduction for Murdock to save a fellow superhero in need of help. 

It's possible that Charlie Cox will be playing an entirely new version of Daredevil that is properly integrated into the MCU's canon. Unless Marvel Studios acknowledges the Defenders universe from Netflix, many would agree that a fresh start for Hell Kitchen's protector is the best way to go. 

On the flip side, the casting additions above could also mean that a courtroom scene will take place in one of the alternate Earths that is home to another version of Spider-Man. The likely candidate is Tobey Maguire's iteration, and the presence of attorneys could hint that a divorce subplot involving Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson will be featured. 

Whatever the case, this casting call adds another layer of intrigue to the already-complicated narrative of Spider-Man 3

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