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Tom is a writer and editor for The Direct who has previously co-hosted a self-described “extremely popular and awesome” film review segment on BBC Radio Berkshire and makes the occasional video compulsively dissecting new film releases. He also really likes Spider-Man. When he’s not scouring the web for hot scoops, Tom enjoys illustrating, hunting down brick-based deals and catching Pokémon.

Tom Drew is the Executive Editor at The Direct. He joined The Direct as a writer back in 2020, before taking on editorial tasks and then assuming a more prominent role as Executive Editor. Tom helps to manage the workflow of the team and ensure that content is as informative and engaging to readers as possible.

Before joining The Direct, Tom worked as a video editor for JES Media in Dubai. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Film from the University of Reading.

Tom is on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (all @tomdrewart) where he shares his thoughts on entertainment and posts art.

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- Not only is Simu a massive gamer but a massive Star Wars stan too! Hopefully Lucasfilm will be able to get him together with fellow Marvel alumni and Star Wars fanatic Brie Larson and make something happen!

- Wonder Woman deserves to fly just like everyone else on the League-- so if this really does mean she'll get to fly in the film, I'm all for it! Who needs the Invisible Jet?!

- Barbara seems like she'll be a force to be reckoned with for Diana, even before she's attained the Cheetah moniker. Can't wait to see these action scenes play out when the film hits!

- Realistically this is the only way I can see the Justice League moving forward. The Flash would be a perfect way to explain a slightly-altered incarnation of the League through a Flashpoint-esque story. I just want to see some members from the old cartoon, give us Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter!

- This Cheetah design looks really great so far-- I just want to see it in action! I'll admit, I was a bit worried when the design for Cheetah's Lego figure came out, but this has definitely turned me around!

- I've always been interested in many of Hot Toys' collectibles, but have never been brave enough to take the plunge. This Stan Lee one is tempting for sure though, so I'm probably going to have to relent sooner or later.

- 9 days does seem a bit short, so hopefully Marvel doesn't try to rush out the last bit of filming. Ultimately, this is exciting news, though, and at least the production crew will be able to put this series to bed very soon!

- If this does mean the end for DC Universe, it's a shame that it wasn't able to flourish more. Hopefully, at the very least, they carry over the originals that they started and allow them to continue production on HBO Max.

- It's great to see Rian giving some heartwarming and respectful comments for other entries in the Star Wars universe. He's definitely got a profound connection with Star Wars as a fan, and I can't wait to see what he's got in store with his own trilogy. In the words of Elijah Wood: "Long live Rian Johnson!"

- If these Marvel shows look anything close to what the films look like, it'll be amazing -- really glad that they're ensuring that these are quality series both story-wise and production-wise.

- Vanessa brought a grounded aspect to the original Deadpool that I felt the sequel was lacking in some respects. I'd love for Baccarin to come back for the third film, and for her to have a beefed up role to boot -- let her be Copycat!

- I've always thought Cavill could be a great Superman - he just needs the right script. I really do hope he gets his chance to prove himself as worthy of continuing to don the Superman mantle.

- I'm hoping that this inclusion means that we'll finally get a Batman Beyond adaptation -- it'd be rude not to! Nevertheless, Michael Keaton's inclusion opens so many potential storytelling avenues, outside of Terry McGuinness. That said, c'mon DC, give us Terry McGuinness!

- I was really impressed by the visual effects in The Mandalorian, so I'm glad to hear that the Obi-Wan series will be following suit. Er, sorry, I mean the Hello, There series.

- It is a bit odd to think that the first character confirmed to return for the Shazam sequel isn't even its title character! Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to see what the sequel does with the characters that do return; hopefully we'll actually see a Mama Shazam!

- 2022's quite the jump! Disney must be pretty certain that they won't make a 2021 date, which is understandable. I'm sure we'll see still the announcements that they had planned for the convention in some other form down the road.

- While we may not see Cyborg's iconic 'booyah', I hope this means we'll instead be getting one of Cyborg's other famous catchphrases 'You should probably move", which was in the original trailer but cut from the movie!

- This sure seems to affirm Ayer's claims that there is more of The Joker that we didn't end up seeing. Whether this is a good or bad thing-- we'll just have to wait and see!

- I definitely think this was the right move for the show and I commend Ahmed Best and the rest of the creative team for doing that. Hopefully Best will get more opportunities for other Star Wars projects in the future too! Black Lives Matter.

- Homecoming is one of my favourite MCU flicks, so getting some interesting tidbits from the production is great! Seeing all of the different crew members is really cool, and gotta appreciate the love for my favourite, lame super-villain: The Shocker!

- While I wasn't the biggest fan of Jared Leto's interpretation of The Joker, perhaps a so-called 'Ayer Cut' could bring justice to the actor's performance through the inclusion of additional footage.

- While it is a shame that The High Republic has been delayed, it is reassuring to know that the creative team behind it truly cares about the project and is fully intending on taking the time to make it something special. 2021 couldn't come any sooner!

- Rob Liefeld really does not seem to like what Disney is doing with Deadpool! I don't think this is necessarily reflective of the actual state of what is happening behind the scenes, but this is certainly an interesting way of going about things from Rob.

- All of these designs look fantastic up close-- it's a real shame we saw so little of them in the actual film. Hopefully three-head guy makes a return in Thor: Love and Thunder; what secrets do all of those heads hold?!

- If this rumor is true, it's good to hear that Cassian Andor will be getting the same treatment as Disney+'s other shows in the returning characters department! Maybe we could see other Rogue One Rebels return, or perhaps there is possibility for crossover with the Ghost crew!

- While it would be a shame for the two series to be delayed, it is totally understandable considering the circumstances. I suppose it'll be just a bit longer before we know whether the Vision family will actually appear in WandaVision!

- I hope that Marvel is able to come to some sort of compromise with Deadpool -- I'd really love for Deadpool and Spidey to be able to interact! Perhaps they could keep the Deadpool films R-rated and PG-ify him for the ensemble features?

- I'm just curious why Jeremy is waving those cut-outs of Evans and Hemsworth around! It'll also be interesting to see whether this sets the trend for events to go online rather than postponing them indefinitely.

- I was already pretty excited for Shang-Chi, but getting a glimpse of actual footage from the film has me pumped even more! Can't wait to hear more about it once the crew is able to get back to work!

- Extra time on the Thor: Love and Thunder script can only be a good thing, so I say give Taika all the time he needs to make the film the best it can possibly be!

- Who knows how far this could truly affect things over at Marvel. Hopefully this won't go as far to impact tentpole releases like the upcoming Disney series, but, with the constantly shifting climate, it's difficult to predict where things will end up.

- If rumors are true that Hulk rights have indeed returned to Marvel's hands, it seems as though its only a matter of time before a solo Hulk film finally gets made, considering fans have wanted it so long and Mark's passion for the character!

- While it could be a while yet before we hear anything concrete, it's nice to know that things seem to be going smoothly in preparation for production to commence. Hopefully we'll get to find out where, who and why Gamora is soon enough.

- Even though the Obi-Wan series has been mired with delays for the longest time, it's nice to see that we could finally be getting some concrete information as to when we can witness Ewan's last hurrah in the role.

- It always felt odd that Blade wasn't given an official date like the rest of the Phase 4 announcements last year, so it's comforting that it'll come so soon after the Captain Marvel sequel, if this rumor is true. Phase 4 isn't even here yet, but I say bring on Phase 5!

- I'm a massive fan of Mission: Impossible - Fallout and that's in large part to Balfe's INCREDIBLE arrangements that accompany the film. If the Black Widow score is anything like the Stairs and Rooftops track, it could be one of the best in the MCU.

- Theatrical releases are still the most profitable for production companies, so it's not surprising that Disney wants to cling on to its big releases for the time being. Black Widow will surely come out soon enough, but who knows how many more times New Mutants will get delayed!

- Given the fact that Lilly has the capability to self-isolate, it baffles me that she is not doing so. For her sake, and her following, I hope she sees that what she is doing is quite ill-advised and decides to help prevent further spread.

- These new Black Widow stills have me extremely excited for the prospects of this film -- The thought of Natasha singlehandedly going up against a whole room of Black Widows makes me think we might get the MCU's version of the Kingsman Church scene!

- Spider-Woman's more espionage roots could allow the MCU to return to a more political-thriller type of adventure, which excites me a lot as we haven't seen that since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Anything Spider-Man related, even if she isn't necessarily that Spider-Man related, has me pumped!

- The Squadron Supreme are certainly an odd aspect of the Marvel universe, but they'll definitely allow the MCU to continue in vastly different directions to what we've seen previously, such as what we'll be getting with Eternals, Shang-Chi or WandaVision!

- Been a fan of Jen Bartel's artwork for a good while now, so it's great to see her rendition of Black Widow be so prominently featured here! Both the black and white suit designs look fantastic, so I look forward to seeing them on the big screen!