The Suicide Squad: Promotional Images Reveal New Villains' Identities

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Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad panel is premiering today at DC FanDome and will be bringing a preview of the film with it. Director James Gunn will be joined by the cast of the film, to reveal which member of Task Force X each actor is playing.

DC has been building up to this event for the past week, providing previews for The Suicide Squad panel and talks with Margot Robbie about the direction for Harley Quinn in the film. One of the film's cast members, comedian Flula Borg, has taken snippets of the panel to create a humorous remix to build up the excitement.

Promotional images have now surfaced from the film, providing a look at which villains will appear in the film and who some of them are being played by...


As found by insider Daniel Richtman on Twitter, new promotional photos have been found from The Suicide Squad, amongst other upcoming DCEU films. The first of which is a stylized poster for the film, showing several of the actors in their villainous roles. The poster also features the team's alternate name: Task Force X. 

The Suicide Squad X
The Suicide Squad Promo Poster

Notably Harley Quinn's icon is front and center in the first promo image, indicating that she may have a prominent role once again. Actors featured on this photo are Flula Borg and Pete Davidson.

The second image shows off character icons for 12 of the film's villains:

The Suicide Squad leaked promo image 2, featuring character icons from the main cast
The Suicide Squad Symbols

Going from the left-to-right and top-to-bottom, the first icon is undoubtedly based on Harley Quinn. She has a new look for the film based on a pilot's helmet, which can be seen in the first poster.

The second icon of a paw could possibly indicate Bronze Tiger. This is likely to be Idris Elba's role in the film as previously rumored, but the first image gives little indication to confirm this.

The third icon suggests the comic book villain The Thinker, who appears to be played by Peter Capaldi.

Next up is the icon that likely represents Sportsmaster. There are multiple helmeted figures in the black-and-white image, but it is uncertain which of these is Sportsmaster.

An icon featuring a helmeted villain with a ponytail is next, but it is unclear which character this represents. The character is played by Mayling Ng, as shown from set photos.

The goggles icon seem to indicate Polka-Dot Man, who has been confirmed to be played by Ant-Man's David Dastmalchian. The first poster shows Dastmalchian suited up, looking slightly concerned for himself.

The shaggy hair and large domino mask seem to represent the villain Savant. This appears to be Michael Rooker's role in the film, judging from the first poster. Alternatively this could be the icon for Flula Borg's character, who also sports a long haircut.

The dog tags icon almost certainly indicate the return of Rick Flag, as played by Joel Kinnaman.

The rat icon represents Ratcatcher as played by Daniela Melchior, who appears to have sunken eyes and ragged hair in the first poster.

The odd bird shaped logo is ripped straight from the one used by Peacemaker in the comics. It appears that John Cena is playing this role, sporting his big dome-shaped helmet from the comics.

The skull icon could represent a multitude of skull-based characters such as Doctor Phosphorous, Blight or Atomic Skull. From set photos, it appears that Nathan Fillion is playing this role.

Last but not least is the icon for King Shark, who is being voiced by Steve Agee.

More details for the film will be announced at the panel for The Suicide Squad, which will be taking place today at 2:55pm ET during the DC FanDome event.

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