Spider-Man 3: Tony Revolori Returning as Flash Thompson

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Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson

It was recently announced that Spider-Man 3 has been slightly delayed by a month to a new release date of December 17, 2021. Filming is rumored to commence in late September after the production of Uncharted, with production expected to finish altogether in February, according to Tom Holland.

Few characters have been confirmed to return for the sequel, but is known that Tom Holland will be reprising his role as Peter Parker, and that Zendaya will be returning as MJJ.K. Simmons also spoke about his future as J. J. Jameson in the MCU, saying that one more of his appearances has already been filmed and that there are plans for another. Director Jon Watts is also confirmed to return to helm the film.

A new report seems to indicate that one of Peter's classmates will be returning for the next film in the Spider-Man franchise...


In an exclusive report from Deadline, it was reported that Tony Revolori would now be represented by WME. The article also notes that Revolori's filming on the second season of Servant would be "followed by the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise."


It was expected for Flash Thompson to return for the Far From Home sequel, and this report confirms that Peter's rival will be making a reappearance. This could indicate that several other classmates of Peter's will return, such as Ned Leeds and Betty Brant.

Whilst it is unknown how Flash's story will continue, there were several unresolved plot threads from previous films that have yet to be addressed. Spider-Man: Far From Home made many references to a troubled home for Flash, alluding to his neglectful parents throughout the film.

Flash's progression as a character from Homecoming to Far From Home saw him gain a greater admiration for Spider-Man, first praising the superhero to then getting excited over the idea of helping the webslinger. Perhaps the film will display Flash as now having conflicted emotions towards Spider-Man, knowing that the hero he looks up to is the same person he frequently makes fun of.

Flash Thompson is also known to take on the mantle of Agent Venom in the comics. While it may be too early in Flash's life for this to occur, there is always potential for Marvel Studios to bend the rules to allow him to gain the Venom symbiote.

It remains to be seen which other returning characters will make appearances, but all will be revealed when Spider-Man 3 releases December 17, 2021.

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