Spider-Man 4 Cast: Every MCU Character Likely to Appear

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Tom Holland's Peter Parker will return for Spider-Man 4, but which MCU characters will join him for the No Way Home sequel?

The MCU's Spider-Man saga closed the book on its "Homecoming" trilogy with No Way Home, with Tom Holland's Peter Parker preparing to enter a new era in his fourth movie as he makes the jump into the street level.

Spider-Man 4 is currently in development across Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, although work was recently halted due to the ongoing writer's strike.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but many speculated the flick could land on June 27, 2025 as Sony marked out the date for a mystery Marvel movie.

Most Likely


Tom Holland, Spider-Man
Marvel Studios

It wouldn't be Spider-Man 4 without the MCU's Peter Parker himself, so, obviously, Tom Holland will be back for the next installment. 

The flick is expected to take the wall-crawler on a new journey as a street-level hero now that the entire world, including his friends, has forgotten who he is after the ending of No Way Home.

Michelle Jones (MJ)

Zendaya, MJ
Marvel Studios

As one of today's biggest rising stars, Zendaya is expected to return for another key role as Peter's love interest Michelle Jones (MJ) in Spider-Man 4

The No Way Home script may have even teased her arc as it noted a "flicker of deja vu" in her final talk with Peter, suggesting her memories of him may not be completely gone.

Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds
Marvel Studios

Ned Leeds actor Jacob Batalon may have stated how he isn't so hopeful for Spider-Man 4, but it's tough to see him not returning. 

After all, when No Way Home left off, he was still friends with MJ and off to study at MIT with her. Not to mention, Batalon already teased how a villain arc may be in the cards for him.

J. Jonah Jameson

J Jonah Jameson
Marvel Studios

Speaking after his surprise return as J. Jonah Jameson in Far From Home, J.K. Simmons confirmed he is contracted for more movies and even stated after No Way Home how he expected to do more

So it seems likely The Daily Bugle's editor-in-chief will be back to as Spider-Man's arch-rival. 



Charlie Cox, Daredevil
Marvel Studios

With Spider-Man 4 confirmed to be a street-level affair, rumor has it the movie may even follow the aftermath of Disney+'s Daredevil: Born Again

Fans got a taste of a crossover between Daredevil and Spider-Man in No Way Home in a strictly legal form, so, hopefully, Charlie Cox's hero gets the chance to actually suit up this time.


Vincent D'Onofrio, Kingpin
Marvel Studios

Speaking of Born Again, Kingpin's Vincent D'Onofrio has been clamoring to fight Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Reports indicate Wilson Fisk's mayoral campaign and anti-vigilante agenda in the Daredevil reboot may impact Spider-Man 4, potentially lining him up for an appearance to continue that story on the big screen.

Betty Brant

Betty Brant
Marvel Studios

Angourie Rice's Betty Brant was an important part of the Spider-Man supporting cast over the last three movies, so it's easy to imagine her returning. 

Her chances are raised by how Brant starred in a key part of No Way Home's marketing campaign through a series of Daily Bugle reports - where she is now interning.

Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson
Marvel Studios

Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson seems to be a likely pick for Spider-Man 4, and the actor himself has expressed his hopes of returning

Perhaps the only obstacle comes with how Peter Parker is now out of high school with everyone having forgotten him, and it's tough to see him rushing back to his old bully anytime soon.

Possible Picks

Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan
Marvel Studios

Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan found his new calling in the MCU as a close ally of Spider-Man and the young hero's middle-man to Tony Stark. 

As Peter is leaving behind his Iron Man-related past to become a street-level hero and Happy's love interest Aunt May is dead, there may be no place for him in Spider-Man 4.


Tom Hardy, Venom
Sony Pictures

After Spider-Man: No Way Home's post-credits scene, Eddie Brock is no longer in the MCU, but a trace of the Venom symbiote is. 

However, Venom reportedly won't be the focus of Spider-Man 4, leaving the black suit storyline for a future movie down the line.



With Kingpin rumored to appear in Spider-Man 4, the notorious crime boss could play a similar role to what he did in Into the Spider-Verse as an ally of Wilson Fisk. 

But with the villain reportedly eyed for Sony's El Muerto, which exists separately from the MCU, the chances of his involvement appear slim.



Much like Tombstone, Hammerhead has plenty of reason to get involved in a street-level Spider-Man 4, with the villain being a Maggia mobster who had most of his skull replaced with steel after an accident. 

Hammerhead could be an excellent threat for a crime-based story with the potential to even create ties to Kingpin.


Scorpion, Spider-Man Homecoming
Marvel Studios

Six years have passed since Scorpion was teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Michael Mando's Mac Gargan was left seeking revenge against the wall-crawler. 

That tease has yet to be followed up on to this day; perhaps this may be the next unresolved cliffhanger Marvel Studios finally addresses with Spider-Man 4.

Black Cat

Black Cat

With Peter Parker heading to the street level after MJ lost all memory of him, now may be the time for Spider-Man to cross paths with Black Cat. 

The cat burglar-turned-anti-hero is in many ways the Catwoman to Spider-Man's Batman, with the two striking up a romantic relationship in many stories.

Long Shots

Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone, Gwen Stacy
Sony Pictures

As is the case with Black Cat, the time may be right for Peter Parker to find a new love interest, and Gwen Stacy may be just that. 

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to her joining the MCU comes with how Sony appears eager to tie Stacy to Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker - shown by their relationship in the animated Spider-Verse.

Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn, James Franco
Sony Pictures

On top of potentially needing a new love interest, Peter may well be needing a new best friend with Ned out of the picture, setting the stage for Harry Osborn. 

But this may be tough as No Way Home revealed the Spider-Man villain family doesn't seem to even exist in the MCU, seemingly closing the door on their involvement.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales Spider-Man

Miles Morales' popularity has grown exponentially over recent years, so much so Sony has begun eyeing a live-action project with the alternate Spider-Man

As Miles' uncle Aaron Davis, aka Prowler, has already been introduced in the MCU, played by Donald Glover, maybe it's time for Peter to meet the young hero-to-be.

Johnny Storm

Chris Evans, Human Torch

With Marvel Comics, Spider-Man and Human Torch have a history of friendship, and the MCU finally has the opportunity to explore that in live-action - although no actor has yet been cast as the Fantastic Four hero. 

Perhaps Peter Parker could cross paths with Johnny Storm at college and then team up as heroes.

The MCU's Street Heroes

Marvel Street Heroes, Echo, Punisher, Kate Bishop

With Spider-Man 4 reportedly set to connect to Daredevil: Born Again and its Kingpin storyline, perhaps other MCU street-level heroes who have crossed paths with Vincent D'Onofrio's crime boss could appear. 

The likes of Echo, Kate Bishop, and Punisher could team up with Spider-Man to continue their Kingpin vendetta. 

Sony's Spider-Man Universe

Sony's Spider-Man Universe, Morbius, Kraven, Vulture
Sony Pictures

Sony teased a larger plan for its Spider-Man spin-off universe which includes the likes of Venom, Morbius, Vulture, Kraven, and Madame Web, with the franchise seemingly heading for a crossover with the wall-crawler himself.  

Which Spider-Man that will be remains to be seen, but if the goal is Tom Holland, the studio may look to leave the breadcrumbs heading to that crossover across the next trilogy, beginning with Spider-Man 4.

Spider-Man 4 has yet to set an official release date.

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