Spider-Man 4 Update Teases Zendaya's Key Role

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A new update for Spider-Man 4 teased Zendaya’s notable role in the upcoming sequel.

While not much official information is known about Tom Holland’s next adventure, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself confirmed a fourth Spider-Man movie is on the way. He’s even shared that “[Marvel Studios’] writers are just putting pen to paper now.”

Previously, Deadline revealed that the studio expects to work with Jon Watts again, as well as both Holland and Zendaya.

While some thought the events of No Way Home indicated that MJ will be taking a back seat in Peter’s world for a while going forward, some new information seemingly hints at the exact opposite.

An Update on Zendaya in Spider-Man 4

Zendaya, Spider-Man 4

Big Screen Leaks (BSL) commented on the status of Spider-Man 4 and where the studio is at with its main stars.

When asked why the movie was a no-show at CinemaCon, BSL noted that the project is “not far enough in development to warrant [being showcased]:”

The insider reiterated that “Tom, Zendaya and Jon Watts are all returning.”

BSL also revealed that the movie’s script is still being written, and the studios are “figuring out how to work around Tom and Zendaya’s busy schedules.”

Of course, it’s clear Sony and Marvel would need to put priority on working around Holland’s schedule, seeing as he’s the main star. But, if that same attention is being given to Zendaya, then that would indicate MJ will be given a major role in whatever events unfold across the fourth movie.

This echoes the same sentiment straight from Sony Pictures executive Tom Rothman, who previously stated that the “whole group” was expected to be return.

What Will Spider-Man 4 Give To Fans?

So what’s next for MJ? Well, the script for Spider-Man: No Way Home offered a hint when it tells readers that Zendaya’s character experiences a “flicker of deja vu” when Peter echoes one of her favorite quotes.

Industry insider Jeff Sneider previously claimed he heard that Holland signed on for another trilogy of films. So fans should expect plenty more of the actor’s iconic Spider-Man.

But who will the webhead go up against? According to The Cosmic Circus, Kingpin is set to play a key role in the movie.

Another villain fans hope to see show up is Michael Mando’s Scorpion—who remains an awkward open-ended plot point from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spider-Man 4 does not currently have a release window, but fans should expect the movie to drop either in 2024 or 2025.

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