MCU: Spider-Man Vs. Kingpin Fight Teased by Actor

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While the MCU's Spider-Man is waiting for his highly-anticipated return, Vincent D'Onofrio teased the potential of a Kingpin fight in store for the web-slinger.

Even after seeing Spidey fight five of his most iconic villains in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, there is an eagerness to see the young hero take on one of his most iconic comic book foes in Wilson Fisk.

This excitement extends to Fisk actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who is already poised for his grand MCU return alongside Charlie Cox in 2024’s Daredevil: Born Again.

D’Onofrio has regularly expressed his hope to interact with Spider-Man after their many battles in the comics, particularly now that his Kingpin is confirmed for integration within the greater MCU.

Vincent D'Onofrio Eyeing Kingpin vs. Spider-Man Battle

Kingpin, Spider-Man

In an appearance at Raleigh's GalaxyCon this weekend (via the @MarvelFlix Twitter account), Kingpin star Vincent D'Onofrio hyped up a potential on-screen meeting with Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

While he didn't specify if or when he would appear in an MCU Spider-Man movie, he offered a terrifying statement for the web-slinger while hyping up his future for fans:

"Eventually, I will beat Spider-Man's ass."

D'Onofrio shared his hopes for Kingpin and Spidey to meet in live-action in an interview last year:

"All of them. I mean, it’s obvious that Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man are the ones that my character is tied to in the comic books. But there’s plenty of room for others, I can just only hope that that happens. But I mean, Spider-Man definitely. I think that would be really really fun."

He also specifically touched on the idea of joining the cast of the MCU's Spider-Man 4, which is something he has no objections to:

"I want it as much as everybody does, so we’ll see."

Will Kingpin Appear in Spider-Man 4?

As Marvel Studios works to figure out where the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will go next in the MCU, Kingpin seems to be one of the biggest destinations after Tom Holland’s hero helped to save the entire Multiverse in No Way Home.

There have even been a couple of minor Easter eggs laid out in other projects, such as the Disney+ Hawkeye series, pointing to the wall-crawler coming to blows with Kingpin.

But the real question now is: Is Kingpin a safe bet for Spider-Man 4?

Even with the sequel confirmed to be in development, there have been conflicting reports about whether Wilson Fisk could potentially be involved, especially with the villain also rumored to lay the smackdown on Spidey in Spider-Man: Freshman Year on Disney+.

Then, there’s the question of when Spider-Man 4 will actually release in theaters, with rumors pointing to it coming shortly after Born Again premieres on Disney+.

No matter how it all comes together, D’Onofrio is far from the only person associated with the MCU who wants Spider-Man and Kingpin to get their moment of glory. After seeing them do battle in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and in numerous other stories in comics, video games, and other media, all that’s left is for that battle to move to live-action.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now streaming on Starz. Vincent D’Onofrio is currently filming for Daredevil: Born Again, which is currently set to arrive on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

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