Spider-Man 4: Sony "Doesn't Know" When Fans Should Expect Spidey Sequel

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Following Spider-Man: No Way Home's success, fans are eager to see Tom Holland's return as Spider-Man in the MCU, and a new update straight from Sony Pictures has offered a promising development. 

The discussion surrounding Spider-Man 4 began before No Way Home hit theaters in December 2021, with chatter picking up as soon as the movie was released. Former Sony executive Amy Pascal revealed then that Spider-Man 4 was in development, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige corroborating her claims by saying they're "actively beginning to develop where the story heads."

Since then, more promising updates from Sony Pictures about Holland's Spider-Man 4 consistently emerged. Still, it is unknown when the sequel would release, but a past rumor shed some light on the subject by indicating that it is reportedly eyeing a July 2024 timeframe

When Will Spider-Man 4 Release?

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman briefly discussed when fans would see the next live-action Spidey film.

Rothman simply stated "you bet" when asked if it's a no-brainer that the Web-Slinger will be back in live-action after Across the Spider-Verse brings hundreds of animated Spideys to the big screen.

As for the next movie's release date prospects? The Sony films' boss claimed he still was unsure of when it may come to theaters, referencing the popular Gallo wine slogan "We will sell no wine before its time" to tell fans to be patient:

 “When you can expect it, I don’t know. Serve no wine before it’s time.”

Will Spider-Man 4 Begin Filming in 2023?

Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman's latest comments indicate that the studio is taking its time to develop and eventually release Spider-Man 4. This would make sense considering that Spider-Man: No Way Home restarted Peter Parker's journey.  

This also falls in line with Tom Holland's goal of taking time off before his eventual MCU return as Spider-Man. The rumored July 2024 release date for Spider-Man 4 is certainly plausible, only coming two and a half years after No Way Home, but filming would need to begin at some point in 2023 for that to happen. 

So far, Holland's time off appears to have been fulfilled in 2022, meaning that going back to work as the MCU's Spider-Man is more likely in 2023. Still, it will all depend on the development of its script, especially since no other roles or story details have been announced for Spider-Man 4 yet.

Whatever the case, Rothman's promise is a good sign of things to come for Spider-Man 4, and hopefully, more concrete updates will emerge as fans welcome 2023. 

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