Kingpin Actor Makes Big Promise for Daredevil Reboot, Shares Spider-Man Hopes

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Kingpin's Vincent D'Onofrio spoke about potentially interacting with Spider-Man down the line and how he hopes to bring a fantastic MCU series to the world in the form of Daredevil: Born Again.

Originally announced at D23 this past September, the show will have 18 episodes and bring back Kingpin alongside Charlie Cox's Daredevil. It also might be adding the mystical hero White Tiger into the mix—though that remains only a rumor.

Previously, D'Onofrio promised fans that he'll do his part in "bring[ing] an incredible" Disney+ series in the upcoming Daredevil reboot.

Now, the actor made another promise to audiences.

Kingpin Actor Speaks on Daredevil Disney+ Reboot

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During an appearance at Salt Lake FanX 2022 in Utah, Hawkeye and Daredevil: Born Again star Vincent D'Onofrio discussed his upcoming Disney+ series while also addressing his hopes to one day cross over with Spider-Man.

D'Onofrio teased how audiences "have no idea" what's in store for them during the 18-episode Disney+ series and promised that "[fans are] not going to be thinking about anything but the next episode:"

“I will say, though… See, you guys have no idea what you’re in store for with [Daredevil:] Born Again. I know a little bit more than you guys. And all I can say is, during that next series, you’re not going to be thinking about anything but the next episode. I promise.”

When asked what other MCU characters he'd like to interact with, the actor referred to the name of a hero that was shouted from the crowd before he responded: "Spider-Man:"

“I mean, there’s only one really end goal… and I think somebody just said who that would be."

Another fan asked which live-action Spider-Man would he want to fight; Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland? D'Onofrio admitted that "[he] want[s] to fight all of them:"

“Well, I know a lot of these answers that I give you are not the answers that you want, but I want to fight all of them. It doesn’t even have to be at the same time. I just want them all. Just finally, let’s know the truth. I want them all.”

He was then asked about Born Again, to which he could only say that he and Charlie Cox are "going to be given the chance to dig deeper [into their characters] than ever before:"

“I can only say… I’m trying to have to stick to the rules, so I will only say that Charlie and I are going to be given the chance to dig deeper than ever before with our characters.”

What Fans Can Expect From Kingpin in Daredevil: Born Again

With the villain residing in New York City and being fully active in the underworld of crime, it's no surprise that fans want to see Kingpin interact with Spidey. After all, one would think they would have to run into each other at some point, and the actor himself thinks the crossover "would be really, really fun."

But could Vincent D'Onofrio actually show up? It's possible. The villain is rumored to appear in the animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year, where he'll be going up against the webhead and Daredevil—an interaction that could hint at something similar never happening in live-action, as redoing the same plot might feel redundant.

Previously, it was rumored that when Born Again arrives, Kingpin may be running for the Mayor of NYC—if he hasn't already won by the time Episode 1 arrives.

First, though, fans are probably hoping for an answer as to what happened after Echo seemingly shot him in the Hawkeye series. Hopefully, that information will have already been revealed by 2024 in Alaqua Cox's solo series, in which the villain is confirmed to return when it lands next summer.

Daredevil: Born Again is currently set to hit Disney+ at some point in Spring 2024. 

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